Cuddle Friday

Cuddle Time. That’s what I call it when I don’t feel like getting off the couch but the kids are all needing things and Super Why is over. I tell them it’s cuddle time, and they lay on top of me. Due to the number of elbows and feet they have between them, this does not usually last long, but it buys me a few more moments of quasi-nap and then it motivates me to get moving, because I need to get away from the general squirminess of the situation.

Last week, though, G was off on a playdate and both of my smallies were napping, so E and I were having some lovely one-on-one time. I informed her that it was “Cuddle Friday” and so we spent a long time together chatting and hugging while she played with my face. You know what I mean, right? That thing where kids poke your eyes and pull your lips and pinch your nose, but they’re being quiet and you’re lying down, so you let them? That. She’d say, “Mommy, are we gonna get off the couch?” and I’d say, “Nope! Because it’s Cuddle Friday” and give her another squeeze. (I do feel the need at this point to remind you that I have a baby, and she had not slept well the night before. Had hardly slept at all, in fact. And I’d already done breakfasting, and clothing, and teeth brushing, and kitchen cleaning, and playdate organizing, and toddler re-directing, and nap commencing … Basically, I’m defending my lazy couch hour of TV time and cuddling.)

E is a marvellous hugger. Here she is hugging her Mommy, her Oma, her biggest sister, and her littlest one.

E is a marvellous hugger. Here she is hugging her Mommy, her Oma, her biggest sister, and her littlest one. (I am enjoying her snuggle, but that picture was taken in the middle of  a cool hike/climb we were doing and it was rather difficult. I’m trying to look relaxed, but my forehead vein is betraying me.)

We did eventually get off the couch, though, and one of us started to make messes while the other one cleaned them up. But throughout the rest of that day, every time she passed me on her way to wherever it is five-year-olds go throughout the house—probably to make another mess—she would remember, “Oh! It’s Cuddle Friday!” and come running to me for a quick hug along her way. And thus, a lovely, weird family tradition was born. Now we regularly shout, “Cuddle Friday!” before we pick up a kid for a snuggle, or maybe we even whine, “But it’s Cuddle Fridaaaaay!” if our Mommy says she can’t hug us right now because she is making everyone lunch.

The next day, I asked E for a cuddle, but then I sighed and said, “Never mind. It’s not Cuddle Friday anymore, so we won’t cuddle today.” And then she said, “Don’t be silly, Mommy. Every day is Friday!”

If only that were true, darling girl, if only that were true. But come on over here and give me a hug anyway. For another chance to cuddle you, I’m gonna enjoy all the Fridays I can get, even the Saturday ones. 

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