My Kid Made Me Say It … Part Two!


A few weeks ago we posted a list of “My Kid Made Me Say Its”—phrases that we can’t believe came out of our mouths in the chaotic midst of dealing with our kiddos. We loved the way that you all responded in the comments with your own HI-larious “My Kid Made Me Say Its”—so much so that we thought we’d do another one, in hopes that you will continue to comment with your own great contributions, and that we might be able to choose our favourites from all of those lists and compile a “My Kid Made Me Say It: Fan Edition”!

So comment away—your contribution may make it on the blog, and then you’ll basically be famous!

Another reason that we are posting this is because our kids keep making us say this stuff—and it is too hilarious and ridiculous not to share!

Please enjoy:

“You can’t eat that muffin without pants!”

“It’s a hair in your mouth, not the end of the world.”

“Please, no penises at the dinner table.”

“Yes, she’s sucking on my toe. Don’t worry, it’s pretty clean.”

“It’s your sister’s turn to be on the beanbag—please don’t sit on her face!”

“Okay—let’s have NO bum monsters tonight, please!”

“What are they doing in there? Are they playing in the toilet?”

“You’re not a puppy today. You’re a kid today.”

“Guys! Stop touching each others’ bums!”

“Nope! We don’t eat things out of the garbage can!”

“You’re a big girl now; you’re not scared of toilets anymore.”

“Stay in the bathroom to wipe your bum!!!”

“Just because something is in front of your mouth doesn’t mean you should LICK it!”

“Stop growling at everyone!”

“Stop fighting, guys. One of you can massage my hands, while the other massages my feet. You’re welcome.”

“Please don’t sit with your naked bum on Mommy’s book from Grandma!”


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3 thoughts on “My Kid Made Me Say It … Part Two!

  1. Helena

    When J was little he would always put off doing whatever I had asked him with the line, “just a sec.” One day I’d finally had enough of that, so when he said it one more time, I heard myself say, ” J, NO * MORE * SECS!

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