Happy Holidays From The Two Fun Moms!

Merry Christmas, friends!



This season we wish you:



at least one good glass of wine and one adult conversation (that is hopefully also good, but let’s not be too picky),

sweet children who will thank and hug their relatives without being constantly prompted to,

at least ONE decent picture of yourself and/or your family that you can use for next year’s Christmas Card (you know, one in which everyone is smiling and no one is attempting to look like a goober. Or at least one in which YOU look good, because that’s the only thing you really care about),

a few angelic photos of your children to help you remember this Christmas with fondness, and not just exasperation,

one hilarious story that you can tell at New Year’s Eve, hopefully involving someone sitting on someone else’s piece of pie that they left on a chair for some reason,

a large amount of sleep, at some point,

children who stay in their beds tonight so “Santa” doesn’t lapse into a coma before “he” gets the presents wrapped and under the tree,

one moment that fills your eyes with joy-tears,

one delicious coffee beverage that you can enjoy by the fire (or the heater),

and at least one huge hug from somebody (anybody) to tell you that you are great, and that you are doing a good job.

And, what the heck, a few more glasses of wine.

Lots o’ love,

Jac and Juli

I also want my kids to get along, and be adorable and hug each other, but not as much as I want that other stuff.

You are doing a good job.


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