Momversation Snippets about the Canadian Weblog Awards Shortlist

November 29, 10:45pm

Jac: Dude. I have bad news. Remember our award nomination that I really want to get shortlisted for because I have an irrational dream that getting onto the shortlist will somehow magically make our pageviews skyrocket?

Juli: I DO remember! I try to keep track of ALL of your irrational dreams.

Jac: Well, tonight I went to see if the results are up yet because it’s supposed to be announced on December 1st, and it apparently has been delayed until December 5. And even worse, there are now a million more nominees! So there is basically no chance. Booooooo!

Juli: That award is a dink. Those other nominees are also probably dinks. I’m sorry you feel disappointed. Also, thanks for always dreaming big dreams for us, and keeping track of all these things. I feel like I’m the “blog husband” in this blog marriage of ours. And by that I mean, I’m the one who does the minimum requirements, and you do so much more work than me.

Jac: I don’t mind being the blog wife. Please don’t leave me. Now take out the garbage and pick up your socks.

December 5, evening:

Jac: Even though I KNOW we are not going to get shortlisted, I have been checking all day to see if the results of our award get posted! WHY is it taking so long? WHY won’t my hopes stay down? I’m so stupid!

Juli: Would it make you feel better if I gave you an award?

Jac: Will your award help us generate lots more pageviews?

Juli: Probably! Because Christmas magic is REAL.

Jac: Okay, yes then.



Jac: That’s tiny. But thanks. Now we can talk about your post for tomorrow morning.

LONG LONG conversation about Juli’s post, which is about her experience with postpartum depression after the birth of her first baby. It’s a wonderful post; you’ll all think so. She hit publish on the post just after midnight, and we said goodnight to our blog spouse so we could join our actual spouses in bed.

December 6, 3:09am

Jac: I hope you’re in bed. It’s 3am, after all. I’m up with the baby, of course, and I thought I’d check the award results. And DUDE. We got shortlisted!! In one of our three categories: humour! Yay us! Now I’m going back to bed!

December 6, 3:14am

Jac: I’m out of bed again. Because, Juli. We just posted a post about DEPRESSION three hours before being nominated in the HUMOUR category! What if we actually get all those extra pageviews I’m dreaming of, and the first thing they see is a post about depression?! I’m going to take it down for now. Okay? Okay? We’ll put it up again soon. I don’t know when; it’s 3am.

December 6, 8:19am

Juli: Naw it’s fine. Good call. Classic Jac overthink, at 3:00 in the morning. So good to wake up to.

Jac: You’re not mad?

Juli: No. I’m the blog husband, remember? I don’t GET mad. We should post something about how we got shortlisted though, because our bloopies will want to know, so they can say that they knew us before we got FAM-OUS!


And so we did. This here Momversation. If you want to see this list of all the categories and blogs that got shortlisted, you can find it here. There are a lot of great Canadian bloggers out there! (We’re sorry we called you dinks. It was late, and we were grumpy, and it had been a long day!)


Thank you Canadian Weblog Awards! Also: Sorrrrrrryyyy!


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