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Five phrases that I never want to say again

By Juli

Like the parental broken-records we are, we all have phrases that we are forced to utter to our children, sometimes several times a day, in the hopes that one day they might stick, and be absorbed and adhered to on a more permanent basis. Will our children ever hear us, really HEAR us, where these things are concerned? In my experience, probably not. But we can dream, can’t we? We can dream. Continue reading

We Are Precious

By Juli

Ever since I found out that my second child would be a girl, after the initial excitement of “Oh yay, a baby girl!” it suddenly occurred to me that I would now be required to not only teach someone how to be a person, but also how to be a woman. This might present a problem, I thought to myself, because I’m not really sure how to actually BE a person, OR a woman, for that matter. Am I doing it right? Am I qualified to teach someone else? Who really knows? And yet, regardless, I would all of a sudden be cast in a very intense spotlight, with a small girl-child watching my every move, as they do, and LEARNING from me. Continue reading

Haiku Morning

By Jac

Deciding what you should submit to another blog site is always difficult. Of course you want to submit something good so that the smart strangers reading it will like it enough to publish on their site, and thus you will (hopefully) gain more exposure and readership and be very pleased with yourself. However, if that actually happens, then suddenly you have something you’ve written that you really like that your own readers may not even see!

That’s what just happened to me. I submitted this funny poem I wrote (a series of verses, really; very classy stuff) to a cool new blog platform called The Original Punker Punks. They chose it and published it, which is awesome! But now, for my own bloopies* to read it, you need to click that link down there.

Really, it’s okay. Clicking a link is pretty darn simple, actually. I believe in you.

Here it is! Clickety clickety click:
Haiku Morning

This is the image they used for my poem, and I think it is entirely appropriate.

This is the image they used for my poem, and I think it is just fantastic..

* Blog groupies, remember?

Please stop calling my child a “hero”

By Juli

My children have an educational computer game, let’s call it “Letter Jungle” (not its real name) that they will play on occasion. It’s just your typical game, filled with activities whose purpose is to teach them letters, sounds, the alphabet, and so on. My daughter in particular is a fan of the game. But every time either of them signs on to play, a pandering female voice says, “Welcome back to Letter Jungle! I’m glad you are here to help! You are a hero!” Continue reading

Hot Dog Day Momversation: A Love/Hate Relationship

I decided that, even better than a picture of our children on hot dog day, this freakish picture of a hot dog costume would best convey the truly confusing way hot dog days make us feel, and also haunt your nightmares. If you are interested in also horrifying your friends, the costume can be purchased here:

Juli: After a hellish morning with my sick kids, I have decided to put them back to bed. It would be a miracle if they actually fell asleep, but it’s been quiet in there for about 15 mins … So…? #hereshoping Continue reading

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