How to Find Things: Tips for Kids

By Jac

Hey kids! Have you lost something? Before calling Mommy or Daddy to help you, try these simple tips.

Number one: Open your eyes and look for the missing item. Don’t forget the part where you open your eyes! Or the part where you look for it!

Number two: Look in the place where it goes. Are you looking for a Barbie? Look in the cupboard where we keep the Barbies! Your shirt? Maybe it’s in your shirt drawer! Look there.

Number three: Remember it might be upside down. If it’s a shoe, think about what the bottom of your shoe looks like. Now, look for that too!

Number four: Don’t forget that your item might not be the top one. Are you looking for a stuffie in the stuffie sack? Maybe it’s under some of the other stuffies.

Number five: Did you recently have this item, and you are currently sitting down? Because you should stand up; it’s DEFINITELY under your bum.

Okay, now just call Mommy. I know you still didn’t find it.


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