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By Jac
Full disclosure: I’m getting sponsored to tell you about this app. Even fuller disclosure: I DEFINITELY checked out the app and totally loved it BEFORE I agreed to write about it. I probably would have done it just for the opportunity for one of you to win something.


Like most parents these days, I love to take pictures of my children but I hate to develop these pictures and put them into an album. I’m looking for a way to create cheesy, scrapbook-like memories for my kids without having to put ANY EFFORT INTO IT. So, what I usually do is hand them my phone and let them scroll through the old pictures and movies. Problem solved!

Except not quite. Because most of those movies have a lot of ME in them. I’m not opposed to movies of me, but what I mean is that there is a lot of me in the movies of my kids. Me saying things like,  “Stop it! Hands to yourself, please! Hey, you were in the last one; this is a movie of your sister, so get out of the way! Did you hear me? I asked a question. Where are you going?” The alternative is the movies in which I avoid talking, and those movies are just unfocussed nonsense. Sometimes that’s fine and fun and funny, of course, but sometimes more direction and less nagging would be great.

Enter the OneDay app. It’s FREE, and super easy to use, and makes your no-plan, no-tech-skill movies look awesome. It also gives my home movies some much-needed direction because it provides interview topics and questions. Plus, what is it about combining background music and children? It just works. Check out this movie I took of R. It took me about three minutes to learn how to do this, and even less time to make this great movie.

I think the idea behind the name is that you can take one movie a day, and then all the movies are saved in the library of the app and easy to access. This is still true, though, if you take seven movies on the first day, and then no more for a week, and then a bunch more. Not that I would do that …

One thing I did notice, though: babies are still difficult to take good movies of. There are several good interview options for babies/toddlers, and if I was willing to put any amount of effort into it, I could have made a lovely movie. But I was not, so I did not. All the movies I have of Baby N so far include a lot of her lunging for the camera and crying. But at least there’s lovely music playing in the background!

Here’s one more funny movie if you’re interested. These two goofs love to make movies this way, and sometimes they even answer seriously. Not usually, though.

More details: the way this works is that there are pre-set questions that you ask, and then you hit record for the answers. There are a wide variety of topics with several questions in each topic, and you simply choose which ones to ask. There are new sets of questions released regularly, and there are lots of seasonal themes, which is fun. So far the app is only available in iOS, but it should be available for android in February.

Don’t forget: it’s free!

And as a bonus, they are giving away a $150 Visa Gift card to a reader of one of the blogs involved in this campaign! The contest closes on February 12 and is available in Canada and the US. Enter using the rafflecopter below:

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