Monthly Archives: January 2015

What it really means to let your kids dress themselves

By Jac

Every now and then, I hear someone say, “Oh, I just love it when kids dress themselves. It’s so adorable!” When they say this, I know exactly what they are picturing: a little girl wearing a fun combination of fashionable clothing, full of delightfully mis-matched colours and unconventional pattern combinations, all topped off with a pair of sunglasses and an adorable floppy hat. So sweet!

Maybe something like this photo of E:


Animal print, stripes, cute boots, and adorable hat? Check! Aw, she dressed herself today! Continue reading

On New Year’s Resolutioning: Why I have decided to continue being a piece of Bologna

By Juli

Let me be the very first to wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! This is utterly presumptuous of me, because of course I am assuming that reading our blog was your very first task of the year 2015. However, perhaps that was your new year’s resolution—to keep more on top of reading your very favourite, award-winning blog, and WHO AM I to judge your thoughtfully made, carefully considered resolutions? In actual fact, I admire and applaud them, particularly that one. And so, my original statement stands: let me be the very first to wish you all the best that this New Year has to offer, and then some! Continue reading

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