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Why I don’t write a recipe blog

By Jac

When you write a blog that could be considered a “Mommy Blog” if you’re into labelling (and if you are, I prefer “super hilarious parenting blog,” for the record), it’s often helpful and enjoyable for your readers if you share some of your favourite recipes. Tempting as it is, somehow Juli and I have resisted offering this helpful service. Until now, that is. Maybe by the end of this post you’ll be desperate for more, but probably you’ll see why I am with Juli in my avoidance of this topic. And so, without further ado, here are some of my family’s most-enjoyed recipes, all in one handy post.

1) Coffee + real coffee cream + honey = delicious

espresso-593254_1280 Continue reading

I’m wearing a pajama shirt under this.

By Juli

When you wake up at the very last minute on a morning when you’ve got somewhere to be, as one does, and you fling yourself out of bed in a panic because you have to get your children out the door as well, which will involve breakfast negotiations and clothing negotiations (“no you are NOT wearing those pants with the crotch-hole and that filthy shirt!”) and various other types of negotiations, the very last thing on your mind may be the idea of getting yourSELF ready. So maybe, if you’re like me, you will just throw on some clothes, boots and a jacket, and a toque to cover your bedhead, and run out the door.

And I don’t know about you, but on mornings like that I have a delightful secret, and here it is: Continue reading

My Boring Blog

By Jac

Ever since I started blogging, almost nine months ago, I have been a teensy bit obsessed with my site’s stats. How many people read it today? Where do they live? What, specifically, did they read? How long did they stay? It’s just so much fun for me to have people read what I’ve written. I have long considered myself to be a writer who doesn’t actually, you know, write anything, so now that I am writing again, and now that people—strangers, even!—are reading it, I can’t help but focus on getting even more “fans.” Ultimately, I know that the more people who read my blog and enjoy my writing style, the more likely I am to be able to make this writing thing my job, and that would be simply amazing.

As I’ve started to blog, though, I’ve also started to read more blogs, and I’ve noticed something: there are a lot of us. I’m not the only person who writes well, and who wants to gain a larger group of readers. So what sets me apart? What makes my blog about my thoughts and my little family special? My four daughters are each beautiful, hilarious, busy, difficult, smart, and covered in dirt or boogers to varying degrees, but none of them is exceptionally so, and most children are these things. But I’ve noticed that blogs with a “niche” tend to have an advantage when it comes to finding readers. And when you are a parent blogging about your family, having a family with something interesting going on makes it easier to find that niche. Continue reading

The Name Game: Shadmog Edition

Yesterday we shared with you some of Jac’s kids’ most amusingly named stuffies. Now it’s Juli’s turn, but we really do need to give credit where credit is due for the chuckles you’re about to enjoy: Thanks, S, for being such a delightful and original little weirdo!

First off, this ballerina dolly who came with the beautiful name of “Alexandria Jane.” S quickly messed up her hair, changed her name to “Shadmog,” and tossed her into her dolly bin full of other naked and unkempt dollies. Continue reading

The Name Game: Fluffah Edition

One of the easy things you can do to be a better parent is to show your kids that whatever is important to them is also important to you, their parent. A simple way to do this is to know the names they’ve given their toys, and to use them. Easy! But (there’s always a but) that means you are the person walking around in public asking your spouse if they’ve seen Boo-Bah, or Guk-Guk. Aaaand, there goes your dignity. Again. Continue reading

Better than The Bachelor: How I learned what love is

By Juli

I have been married for almost eleven years now, and before that my husband and I dated for two and a half years and were engaged for one year, so we’ve now had several V-days together as a couple. When I was younger I was much more susceptible to the idea that I should want something done for me or given to me on Valentine’s Day, because I believed that that meant that somebody loved me—deeply and truly. Now I realize that, as sweet and thoughtful as it might be to go to the store and buy someone some flowers or a box of candy, it is not always indicative of love. Love is something different, and I guess it has taken me a lot of years to realize what it really is. Continue reading

Nine Underrated Milestones of Early Childhood

By Jac

We all know the standard milestones of childhood. As parents, we are constantly reminded of them: “Is she sleeping through the night?” “Can he roll over?” “Has she popped a tooth yet?” “Is he almost walking?” “How’s potty training going?” “Is she talking much?” “Has he lost any teeth yet?”

These typical milestones are not the ones I personally celebrate with excited texts to my husband and best friends, or give my kids gleeful celebratory hugs over. In my own experience—and I think that four kids under the age of seven counts as experience—these are the baby and childhood milestones that are really worth celebrating. Continue reading

The Hunt for the Elusive Pokemon Cards

By Juli

Recently my son has decided that he loves “Pokemon.” Pokemon, as far as I have gleaned, is a Japanese-made cartoon television show about some children and their monsters, called Pokemon, who live in balls, transform, and do stuff. What they actually do I’m a little fuzzy on, but it seems a harmless enough show for my 7-year-old, and he enjoys it tremendously. He will often talk to me, starry-eyed, about the latest things they have been doing, these Pokemon. To my great shame I tend to listen with feigned interest. I would love to cultivate a real shared interest with my son, but somehow every time he talks about it, my eyes glaze over and my mind drifts to what I’m supposed to be making for dinner, or how many minutes there are until bedtime, no matter how hard I try to understand his belaboured explanations about the one named “Charzedoo” and the one named “Pikachu” and the other one named “Pangage” or something and … that’s all my brain has absorbed, and it’s probably wrong.

Sometimes spontaneous Pokemon battles take place in our home.

Sometimes spontaneous Pokemon battles take place in our home.

Continue reading

We have two little things to say today

First, if you’re interested, Jac wrote an essay/book review for Comment Magazine. It features R in her Candy Cane dress, and the book being reviewed is definitely worth reading because it’s kind of like a Solidarity Pound It from Science. Here’s the link if you want to check it out: Happiness, and Other Goals for Our Kids.

Second, this post you are reading right now is our ONE HUNDRED AND FIRST POST. 101. One hundred and one. Thanks for reading; we are loving writing!

Jac and Juli

Valentine Poem for Parents in the Thick of It

By Jac

This poem is dedicated to my selfie-ruining husband.

This poem is dedicated to my selfie-ruining husband.

Happy Valentines Day, Parenting Partner

You love me when I cry about nothing
You love me when my ankles swell
You love me when my face is fat
And when my snoring sounds like hell Continue reading

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