The Name Game: Fluffah Edition

One of the easy things you can do to be a better parent is to show your kids that whatever is important to them is also important to you, their parent. A simple way to do this is to know the names they’ve given their toys, and to use them. Easy! But (there’s always a but) that means you are the person walking around in public asking your spouse if they’ve seen Boo-Bah, or Guk-Guk. Aaaand, there goes your dignity. Again.

Anyway, sometimes kids give their precious items totally hilarious names. We thought we’d share our personal favourites in a two-part post, starting with the ones from Jac’s household.

First, meet Bella Setonia. I do not know where that name came from:


And this is Bella Sentonia’s Brother Frank. We refer to him by his full name (Bella Setonia’s Brother Frank) at all times. And yes, he’s a rocking tiger:


This is Pointette. Because, you know, her ears are pointy:


This is Fluffah. Not Fluffy. Fluffah:


My favourite of all, however, is Cowiest. As in, the most cowy. At first you may think this name makes no sense because a purple cow with wings does not actually seem all that cow-like. But upon reflection, I have come to realize that this name is perfect for him, because he really is the Cowiest of all the fairies.


The truth is, though, that my children are most often rather uncreative when it comes to names. Here we have White Poodle, Lamby, Turtle, Piggy, and Dog.


These are their friends, Monkey Baby, Jungle Monkey, Bunny Boy and Bunny Girl (No, there is no actual way to tell the difference. These are not health education bunnies):


Despite my love of quirky stuffie names, and my great encouragement of creativity, my children like what they like, and they like to be literal, apparently.

But you just wait until tomorrow. Juli’s kids are ridiculous. 

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3 thoughts on “The Name Game: Fluffah Edition

  1. Katie

    When I was a little girl I named my new pet marble (yes, I had a marble for a pet) “Pisspot”. I did not know those were real words until my family laughed very very hard.

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