The Name Game: Shadmog Edition

Yesterday we shared with you some of Jac’s kids’ most amusingly named stuffies. Now it’s Juli’s turn, but we really do need to give credit where credit is due for the chuckles you’re about to enjoy: Thanks, S, for being such a delightful and original little weirdo!

First off, this ballerina dolly who came with the beautiful name of “Alexandria Jane.” S quickly messed up her hair, changed her name to “Shadmog,” and tossed her into her dolly bin full of other naked and unkempt dollies. IMG_2493

This, according to S, is “Mickey Mouse.” You can try to correct her, but trust me, it won’t work.


This bear’s name is “Clown-bear,” which makes complete sense. He is a bear dressed up as a clown, which is equal parts adorable and terrifying. (And that is EXACTLY what my literal-thinking kids would have named him, too! – Jac)


This puffy-haired duck is “Ducky-Boo-Boo,” and he is one of my kids’ favourite stuffies. I have had more lengthy conversations about WHERE “Ducky-Boo-Boo” is and whose turn it is to SLEEP with “Ducky-Boo-Boo” than I care to admit.


This THING used to be the innards of a Teddy Bear: a removable bean-bag tummy that could be warmed up in the microwave. Now, however, S has dubbed it “My Cozy,” and it has become a beloved character of its own, the subject of many fights between my children.


This dignified lady’s name is “Rainbow Sheep” which almost makes sense, even though it is a cow, because it does play “Somewhere over the Rainbow” when you step on it in the middle of the night, as I have discovered on many occasions.


This is “Gulliver” the seagull. Gulliver!? I’m sorry … that’s just adorable.


This floppy little reindeer’s name is “Randy.” It is my firm belief that Rudolph would not be picked on quite so much if “Randy the Pupil-less Reindeer” lived in the North Pole.


And finally, this terrifying doll has the delicate name of “Buttercup.” She was my doll when I was little, and S unceremoniously adopted her one day by stealing her from my memory box and shoving her into the bin of half-naked, messy-haired dollies.



We hope you have enjoyed this visit to our kids’ toy-bins, and tonight may Buttercup haunt your dreams, as much as she will ours. (You know, because of solidarity and all that. You can’t unsee this stuff.) 

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One thought on “The Name Game: Shadmog Edition

  1. Shelley

    I have the literal thinker in my family: her favorite stuffie from when she was very young is a little rabbit called “Bunny” (before she knew how to write this was spelled “Bane”) and her favorite messy-haired doll, with a single tuft of hair coming out of the top of her head, is “Sale-Baby” because, you guessed it, we picked her up at a garage sale.


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