Why I don’t write a recipe blog

By Jac

When you write a blog that could be considered a “Mommy Blog” if you’re into labelling (and if you are, I prefer “super hilarious parenting blog,” for the record), it’s often helpful and enjoyable for your readers if you share some of your favourite recipes. Tempting as it is, somehow Juli and I have resisted offering this helpful service. Until now, that is. Maybe by the end of this post you’ll be desperate for more, but probably you’ll see why I am with Juli in my avoidance of this topic. And so, without further ado, here are some of my family’s most-enjoyed recipes, all in one handy post.

1) Coffee + real coffee cream + honey = delicious

2) If you put that pork from Costco (the huge one, cut into a meal-sized chunk) and a can of root beer in the crockpot, it makes amazing pulled pork. Just add lots of BBQ sauce at the end.


(photo credit: pulled pork via photopin (license))

3) I love This buffalo chicken chilli recipe because it tastes like chicken wings, but you can eat it when it’s not the Superbowl or New Year’s Eve.

4) Frozen pizza. No other ingredients necessary.

5) Can of frosting + bag of chocolate chips + the microwave = homemade fudge. Seriously. (I stole this recipe from my friends at You Pinspire Me, because when I read the awesome list of ingredients I laughed and laughed.)

I stole this picture from youpinspireme.ca without asking.

I stole this picture from youpinspireme.ca without asking.

8) Hot dog wieners + hot dog buns + ketchup = no whining from anyone.

9) Pre-made muffin mix + whatever the package tells you to add = “homemade” muffins for your kids’ lunches.

10) Whenever we have carrot sticks, my kids dip them in peanut butter. You may think that’s gross, but it’s surprisingly delicious. And it’s a vegetable plus a protein, so I WIN.


11) Macaroni noodles + shredded cheese = the entirety of my mother’s adored Mac and Cheese recipe.

To conclude I will tell you about my meal this evening. We were halfway through dinner before I got around to eating any of my mashed potatoes. I had made a huge pot of them because my husband and baby both love leftover mashed potatoes. After a few bites I realized they tasted “off.”  Upon further reflection and investigation I determined that I had put yogurt in them instead of sour cream. So if you’re wondering about how that works, I can tell you: it does not taste good, friends. It does not taste good.

So maybe if you’re looking for a recipe, you shouldn’t ask me. It would probably wise of you to just google it. And that is the best advice this post will likely offer you, recipe-wise. You’re welcome. 

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6 thoughts on “Why I don’t write a recipe blog

  1. Beverley

    I love reading your writings Jac…..and this one is just as good. I’m going to give that homemade fudge a try today.

  2. Bonnie Way

    Awesome! I can definitely handle some of these recipes. 🙂 In fact, I’m pretty sure 1 4 8 and 11 show up regularly around here… and now I really wanna try carrots with peanut butter (we put celery with peanut butter, which is quite good, so carrots should be too). Thanks for sharing!

    1. Jac Post author

      I actually can’t even take credit for the peanut butter/carrot stick thing. I grew up thinking it was normal! Thanks, parents.

  3. Jill

    Thanks for the shout out with the recipe from my site! Don’t worry – you’ll have more time… some day. Says the mom who started a recipe blog but never has time to post on it!!!


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