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Ten magical ways to prevent fights between your children

By Juli

If you have more than one child, chances are good that you are breaking up fights between them for about 95% of your day, which is leaving little time for other projects, such as dreaming about what you’re going to do when they’re finally in bed, or eating that chocolate bar that you’ve been hiding in the cupboard. However, I have discovered that there are ways of preventing, disrupting, or ending these fights in a matter of seconds, leaving you more time for all things coffee. Here are ten strategies that I have found particularly helpful: Continue reading

So, who won the earrings?

By Jac

A week ago, we ran a contest to give away a pair of Sweet Caroline Creative Earrings. Today was the day to do the draw, and here are the results! To determine who won the earrings, I used a very technologically advanced process. First, I checked to make sure that everyone who commented on the blog post also liked the Facebook page. THEN … wait for it … I wrote everyone’s name down on a little piece of paper and had my five-year-old pick one. Continue reading

Big! Kid! Vacation!

By Jac

Our Spring break is drawing to a close around here, and we are definitely ready for the routine of school. Particularly my husband (a teacher) who can’t wait to go back to work where he can finally have a break, already. I’m not even kidding.

But we did have a few days of “break” during our Spring Break. We left our tag-team-tiring toddlers with my Mom (THANK YOU, MOM) for two nights and took our “big” kids (G is almost 7 and E is 5 and a half) to stay in a hotel in Vancouver for two nights. It was great.

Here is some of what we did: Continue reading

This morning, spilled milk was worth crying over

By Juli

Has this ever happened to you?

That thing where you have one child who is so picky about what she wears that it makes every morning excruciating while you try to coax her into clothes that actually fit and are weather or occasion-appropriate, and you have finally convinced her to wear some that basically fit in those categories, and at long last you have her and her brother, who all morning have been non-stop wrassling and irritating each other, sitting at the table to eat breakfast? And they are eating Cheerios, and you pour milk on your son’s cereal, which you then find out is the “wrong” milk, the “too creamy milk” he says. The irony being that it is the exact same milk he always has, only served out of a smaller container. This, he has determined, means that it is not the milk he likes, and therefore he will complain about it all breakfast long. Continue reading

Juli’s Travel Non-Tips

By Juli


Here is the proof that we eventually made it to our destination.

Our family decided to take a trip to the beautiful Oregon coast this week, which involved planning for a road trip that, if we didn’t make a single stop, would have taken us 9 hours straight, so of course that means it took us 12 hours. Those of you who have made a road trip with kids before will understand that it is no small undertaking —there are so many X factors involved, and keeping your kids happy could mean the difference between a bearable trip and an excruciating trip. I have never heard anyone speak of a “wonderful” road trip with young children, so at this point I am not sure that such a thing exists. Continue reading

Birthdays Are Not for Moms: A Poem

By Jac

Today’s thirty-something birthday was never really about me,
I don’t love jam smushed on my pillow, or crumbs between my sheets,
A quiet cup of coffee would have been so much preferred,
But you’d made a special breakfast so, of course, I deferred.

Then we went to the kitchen so I could find your mess,
Before helping you put on your best “Mommy’s birthday!” dress.
You were hungry for a snack, which you wanted to be special,
So I used a fancy plate for your yogurt-covered pretzels. Continue reading

Why Single Parents are my Heroes

By Juli

We like to complain about our spouses a little here on TwoFunMoms—not too much, just enough to keep them honest—but the truth is that I really don’t know what I would do without my spouse, my partner in parenting. And this inevitably moves me to think about the many, many people in the world who are single parenting and somehow making it work. Frankly, it boggles my mind how single parents do what they do, day in and day out.



Take, for example, our family’s most recent trip to Costco. Continue reading

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