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Anti-Vaccinators, I Kind of Get It; A Note About Intuition


The vaccination debate has officially become heated, and I’ve noticed that the pro-vaccine side, at least, has gotten ugly. This frustrates me for two reasons. First, it is needlessly cruel: most people who do not vaccinate their children came to that decision because they truly thought it was the best decision they could make with the information they had. Calling them cruel and accusing them of causing harm they did not intend will not have any impact other than more hurt. Second, it is not even effective: When in the history of disagreements has calling someone stupid ever convinced them to agree with you? Never.

So I want to say, as a person who is pro-vaccine, that I understand where some of you anti-vaxxers are coming from, and that I can see how I could have easily reached the same conclusions you have. Continue reading

50 Shades of Doughnuts



By Juli

Dusk fell gently, like the cotton nightshirt which hung softly around her bristly, unshaven legs. Not long ago the sound of children had echoed through the hallowed halls around her, but tonight, finally, all was quiet. And then, without a word, he appeared in the doorway. She glanced over at him: he stood tall and strong, his shock of blond hair undisturbed, save for a small child’s tiara perched playfully atop it. His eye were soft with weariness, and yet he looked at her with deep concern. Continue reading

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