Shameless plug … and GIVEAWAY!

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We don’t do many sponsored posts around here, but when your best friend starts an Etsy shop to sell her earrings, and you love the earrings and also the friend, you basically have to tell your bloopies* about it, right?

My friend’s name is Alyson, and here’s a picture of us when we were little, to show you how long I’ve known her, and also because we are adorable:

11061719_10155327777300501_1563572528879723280_nAlyson has been making these earrings for a while as gifts for her friends and family members, and we have FINALLY convinced her to sell them to the world! I already have two pairs. See:

11041457_10155439481925294_1376827384_n-1 To WIN a pair of these earrings (any pair you like; just visit her Esty shop and choose your favourites) all you need to do is COMMENT on this blog post and LIKE the Sweet Caroline Creative Facebook page. Easy peasy lemon squeezie! We will do a random draw in a week to decide the winner, based on who comments here, but you will not win if you do not also like her page! Here’s a link to it for you: Sweet Caroline Creative.


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*Blog Groupies. That’s a thing. 

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46 thoughts on “Shameless plug … and GIVEAWAY!

  1. Katie

    Oooh, super pretty earrings! I’d really like a necklace with one of those dangling from it, too.
    My fave is Mint Round Dangle Earring in 12mm Gunmetal Grey Setting pair, they’re extra special 🙂
    There, I commented, I liked, I will win. Thanks guys!

  2. Katy

    Oooh they’re so pretty Alyson! I want the delft ones or the Royal Moroccan ones. And if I don’t win Jac my half birthday is coming up 😉

  3. Bonnie Way

    These are gorgeous! I don’t wear earrings much anymore but these are so pretty. 🙂 And that’s great you’ve been friends for so long! 🙂 I like those blue earrings on the right.

  4. Kathy Smith

    I have a necklace that the deep indigo tear drops or heart shaped studs would match perfectly. And I love the company name!

  5. Shannon

    I love the peacock heart shaped stud earrings. Super cute. I only wear studs as my ears are not even and with dangly earrings I have to walk around with my head tilted all day.

  6. Chrystie

    Congrats on the shop Aly!! Love all your pretty earrings! I love them all but I’m really drawn to the Rose bloom heart shaped dangle earrings 🙂

  7. brittany

    i happen to really love earrings–and i am a bit of a bloopie.
    (and these particular earrings are pretty) =)

  8. Juli

    I know I can’t be entered to win, as a “staff member” and all, but I love these. I especially love the blue and white patterned ones – cute stuff, Alyson!

  9. Gracia

    I love the fact that you all are coming up with very creative ways to stay at home with your precious little ones and do something that you enjoy! Your earrings are beautiful Alyson, and Jacqueline, I love your blog as well. Way to go and I wish you both much success!

  10. Cami P.

    I seriously love every single pair. I am a bit, er, jewelry challenged which means I enjoy jewelry but have no skill for pairing with outfits. All of these earrings would look great with my simple style (read: mom clothes). Favorites: Coral Cross Teardrop Shape

  11. Jocelyn

    I love the purple round studs!! I already have a dangle pair and wear them every single day, so I should try to switch it up with some studs. 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Beautiful earrings Alyson! My faves are the rose bloom bud dangle
    Earrings (12mm). So pretty for spring! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Trish

    I love the Cornflower Blue Round Stud Earring in 12mm Antique Bronze Setting!! They are all so beautiful!!

  14. Julie

    i love the precious sweet Caroline’s I already have, thanks to my secret Santa at Christmas….but I would love those blue ones on the top right!! Adorable!!!

  15. Tasha Morgan

    I love the Peacock Heart Dangles. They are all really pretty though. It made it hard to choose just one.


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