So, who won the earrings?

By Jac

A week ago, we ran a contest to give away a pair of Sweet Caroline Creative Earrings. Today was the day to do the draw, and here are the results! To determine who won the earrings, I used a very technologically advanced process. First, I checked to make sure that everyone who commented on the blog post also liked the Facebook page. THEN … wait for it … I wrote everyone’s name down on a little piece of paper and had my five-year-old pick one.

Here they are in the official Name Picking Coffee Mug:

Then I stirred them around and E (who is home from school because she’s a little sick and a lot wanting to play with toys for a day) reached in without peeking and wiggled her fingers and pulled out a piece of paper! Here it is:

Congratulations to Becky (who has a blog herself, if you’re interested: My Becktacular Life) and we hope you LOVE your new earrings! Alyson will send you an email soon, if she hasn’t already.

If you didn’t win, I’m sorry. You  really should just go buy yourself a pair. You should do it quickly because I’m trying to convince Alyson to start to charge more and you probably want to buy some before I succeed. 

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