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Dear Helicopter Moms, Thanks!

By Jac

There was a post published on Scary Mommy yesterday called “Dear Helicopter Moms, You’re Ruining it For Everyone Else.” In it, the writer explains that she is more of a “bench-warmer” when it comes to parenting style, particularly at the park where she wants her kids to try things out for themselves, to take risks and explore, and to just be kids who play, without a parent intervening all the time. But she gets frustrated when other moms on the playground hover around her children, worrying about their safety, helping them cross the six-foot-high ladder while glancing around for their inattentive care-giver.

In lots of ways, I totally agree with her. I am also a very free-range park parent. Continue reading

A Letter to Future Me

Dear Future Juli,

Hope you’re having a great day today, as I imagine you must be. Where are you now: Hawaii? Fiji? Somewhere tropical, I expect. I will try not to be jealous of the mai-tai you are holding, and the gorgeous tan that you probably have. In the future, I assume they’ve figured out how to make our pale skin actually tan instead of just burn, and that’s something to look forward to.

For me, it’s been a rough week. Continue reading

A ridiculous conversation with my body

By Jac

Hey, Body. First off, I want to really take this opportunity to say thanks. We have been through the ringer together, you and I, and I couldn’t have done it without you. Four babies in five and a half years would be hard on anybody, but you were strong. There were some rough times and some risky situations, we were uncomfortable and I whined a lot, but you stuck it out and were so reliable, right through the last baby’s arrival, eleven days later than expected. So, thanks.

I do have one little note for improvement: Can you pretty please let go of some of the excess weight you’re holding on to? I realize that change is difficult when you get older, but this is really getting pretty frustrating. I’m doing my part with eating well and exercising, but it doesn’t seem to work the way it used to. So can you help me out, please? I know all the pregnancies have made you bigger and smaller over and over, and that must have been difficult, but can we please start heading back toward smaller now that there are no more babies? Continue reading

Why Parents are Sharks

By Juli

All parents used to be non-parents, at a faint point in time which none of us can really remember at all. As non-parents/human beings we had the space around us and the time required to make careful, consistent choices about ourselves and our own needs. But we are no longer this. Now we are parents. And, as we are no longer truly human beings, the question must arise: What are we? In my very limited knowledge of non-human forms of life, I’d have to say that my own personal reflections have brought me to the conclusion that an understanding of the parent-child relationship can most easily be explained by considering the example of the shark and the remora. Continue reading

An Easy Only

By Jac

I think some people have personalities that are perfect for being only children. I don’t say that to defend people who decide to only have one child (they don’t need me to defend them; only children are usually wonderful), I say it because one of my four non-only children illustrates this for me daily. R, who just turned three, is unbelievably easy to parent when she is alone, and often very difficult when her siblings are around. I’m starting to suspect that if she were an only child she would be ONLY easy.

When R is home without any other children around, here is how she typically likes to divide her time: Continue reading

My One Request: A Poem

By Juli

You said you want to take a bike ride,
Underneath the sky so blue,
And I say, “That’s fine!
You can take your time!
Just take the kids with you.”

You said you have to use the bathroom,
To take a number two,
You say it might take ten minutes,
Go ahead, do your business!
Just take the kids with you. Continue reading

The Vacuum Cleaner Conspiracy

By Juli

I recently bought a wireless vacuum — the kind that you plug into the wall and charge up, and then can only use for 14 minutes, but ideally they work so well that you can ‘cuum your whole house in 14 minutes. It’s a popular brand, and it was a good deal, and I needed a vacuum, so I totally impulse bought it from Costco one day. In my defence, though: asthma. What if my kids get asthma if I DON’T buy the vacuum? But I did, so problem solved, SPENCE.

And I love the thing for many reasons. Continue reading

Toothbrush Confessions

By Jac

I am constantly dealing with a particularly difficult parenting issue that I never hear anyone else talk about. I am forced to wonder, therefore, if we are the only ones who are experiencing this — and that gives me hope that perhaps there is an obvious solution to this problem that I am missing. The problem, of course, is toothbrush hygiene. Continue reading

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