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Get to know YOU: The One Fun Meal With Two Fun Moms Giveaway

On Tuesday, we had a post that was about getting to know Jac better, and Thursday we had a post to get to know Juli, but what about you readers? What if we want to get to know you better? Well, just for fun, we have invented a contest to help out with that!

What is happening?: A contest that will help us to get to know YOU!

What is the prize?: Three winners will meet Jac and Juli at a to-be-determined, not-too-fancy restaurant in Vancouver, where we will buy your meal! Juli and Jac have fun together, but we have a good time with other people, too, so we thought it would be fun to make some new friends for a night! Continue reading

Get To Know Juli

You remember when Jac did the “Liebster Award” questionnaire? And then how she nominated me? Well, here are my answers. So: Ha, Jac! Got it done by Thursday!

1. What is the meal you eat the most often?

I think pasta wins the award for most eaten meal, because it involves almost no effort, and is ready fast and that is good because children go from happy to hungry and grumpy super-quick around here. Also when I say pasta I could mean super fancy whole wheat pasta with tons of veggies and chicken and healthy stuff, or I could mean box-style mac n’ cheese. You don’t know! You don’t know which it is! Could be either! Continue reading

TwoFunMom FAQs

Here at TwoFunMoms we get unsolicited questions from readers (and/or friends) all the time, and not just the obvious ones, like “How do you stay so trim?” or “Are you leaving Costco? Can I have your parking spot?” We do not mind any of these questions at all, so we decided to take some time to answer some FAQs in case other people are wondering the same things. Or maybe just because we like to talk about ourselves.

1. Do you ever get jealous of each other’s successes on the blog? Continue reading

Get To Know Jac

By Jac


This is me wearing quite the sweater.

In the blogging community, especially among smaller blogs, there’s apparently this thing called the Liebster Award, where bloggers nominate each other to answer a series of questions and state a bunch of random facts so that they can get to know each other better, and so their readers can too. Last week, wonderful Louise from Talk Nerdy To Me nominated me for one, so here are my answers and facts.

First, eleven questions from Louise:

1. What is my favourite spice?
Posh Continue reading


Well, this week marks the one year anniversary of our blog! It was one year ago that Juli went to Jac’s so we could spend a day creating our new website. We were just two kids, googling and guessing and hoping for the best. Look at us! So innocent:


And NOW look at us! So much has changed. You can’t even tell we’re the same blog-writers now that all this time has passed. Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Grandpa

By Juli

It’ll have been two years this August since I lost my beloved Gramps, a larger-than-life, vivacious, always energetic man with a loud laugh, a tight, strong hug and sparkling eyes. He taught me and my brothers and sister, his only grandkids, about how to tie different knots, all the names of the constellations, and how to stir up the phosphorescence in the water with a swish of a dinghy paddle to create little “galaxies” in the water, as he called them. He loved my kids, too, and not just because he had to. He would spend time with A and marvel at his command of reading and writing at an early age. He would hold S on his lap and tickle her while she squirmed with glee. He would read to both of them, with such drama in his voice that I would often get drawn in to the story, listening from the sidelines and wishing I was still small enough to crawl into his lap and nestle under his bristly chin.


Continue reading

Tips for Airplane Travel With Toddlers … and Why They Won’t Work

By Jac


My husband’s brother and his wife just had a baby, so this past weekend I flew to New Mexico to see them and to meet my beautiful new niece. Children under two are free on planes, so it made sense for me to take my nineteen-month-old with me to meet her cousin, and to make it easier for Daddy at home with the others. It seemed like such a good idea at the time … but as I was packing to go, I started to wonder what I’d done. She is just about the toughest age for traveling with — too big and wiggly and independent to sit on my lap, too small to listen to anything I am telling her. Continue reading

One of these things is not like a mother

By Juli

One of these things is not like a mother.

One of these things is not like a mother. One of these things just doesn’t belong, Can you tell which thing is not like a mother, before all the coffee is gone? (Or cold? Or knocked over by a toddler?)

Hey! Let’s play a fun game. In each of the scenarios I will present to you now, one person is a four-year-old girl, and the other one is her mother. Who is who? See if you can guess. It may not be as clear-cut as you think … Or it might be. Let’s find out! Continue reading

Photos for Mother’s Day

By Jac


Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, and it feels like everyone in the blogosphere is talking about it this year. I’ve seen funny posts, and serious posts, and touching posts, but Juli and I were planning to just skip it, basically, on the blog. We did the printable giveaway, and then Juli’s sweet post about sunglasses and miracles, and we were gonna leave it at that. But then, yesterday as I was sweeping the floor, I thought about Baby Violet and Mother’s Day, and I had an idea. Continue reading

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