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This is me wearing quite the sweater.

In the blogging community, especially among smaller blogs, there’s apparently this thing called the Liebster Award, where bloggers nominate each other to answer a series of questions and state a bunch of random facts so that they can get to know each other better, and so their readers can too. Last week, wonderful Louise from Talk Nerdy To Me nominated me for one, so here are my answers and facts.

First, eleven questions from Louise:

1. What is my favourite spice?

2. What am I reading right now?
Officially I am reading The Bonecutter’s Daughter by Amy Tan and it’s great. I have about twenty pages left, however, and I can’t find it, so I keep picking up Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince instead and now I’m almost finished that one. For the eighth (at least) time.

3. What is my favourite hour in the day?
9pm-10pm. The kids are asleep, but I don’t need to worry about still being up. You may know this as Potato Chip Time.

4. What did I last laugh really hard about?
I was at my in-law’s house last weekend, and my father-in-law told us that last time they took communion in their church, there was a series of unfortunate events before the service that resulted in the serving of hot dog buns as communion bread. I was pretty tired, and my father-in-law is a funny kind of guy, and somehow that meant I almost fell off the couch because I was laughing so hard, visualizing hotdog buns in the serving baskets.

5. What subject did I enjoy most in school?
I did not really like mathy and sciency things very much. But I liked pretty much everything else. In University, writing courses were great, and upper-level English courses were my favourites even though they were pretty tough.

6. What is the story behind my name?
I am the fourth child, and we are each named after a grandparent in some way. I am named after my Grandfather Jacob, who died when my Mother was a teenager but who was a fun, kind-hearted man who raised great children.

7. What is one of my favourite blog posts I’ve ever done?
Wow. Tough question. Well, I know that these are not actually the “best” ones, from a writing perspective, but I love going back and reading the ones in which my kids have a “voice.” Like the one where G and E did the gratitude challenge, or when Baby N does a “guest” post. Maybe I’m just thinking of those right now because I like my kids a lot. (Especially when they’re sleeping. Like now.)

8. When I was in high school, what did I want to be when I “grew up”?
I don’t think I even knew. I loved to read and writing was easy for me, but I didn’t love to write fiction, so I just kind of planned on going to University to see what was what. I did not know “blogger” was I thing, or I would have picked that for SURE (despite the obvious pay issues).

9. What nicknames do I have?
Mostly just variations of my actual name. My good friends call me “Your Majesty.”

10. If my husband took the kids out of the house for two hours, I would ________.
Procrastinate for one hour, and then for the second hour I would listen to podcasts while I rushed though whatever specific cleaning tasks motivated the family’s departure in the first place.

11. What is one lesson I wish I learned earlier?
Don’t open the back of the pickup truck while you are at your big sisters’ softball game and there are sheep in the truck, even if one of the other player’s little sisters wants to see the sheep, because the sheep will jump out of the truck and run onto the field and all the players will have to stop playing so they can help catch the sheep. Don’t do that because it will be embarrassing and your dad will give you that look that means he is disappointed in your choices. I only made this mistake that one time when I was about ten or eleven, but that was still too many times.

Second, eleven random facts about me:

1. I think eleven facts is too many so I’m only going to do eight. And that’s a FACT.

2. I am currently watching the West Wing for the first time. It’s awesome and now I love Rob Lowe even more than I did when I mostly knew him from Parks and Recreation.

3. I lived in Cameroon for a year when I was eighteen.

4. Once at a high school track meet, I competed in shot put, discus, and javelin, and I won all three. These skills have not transferred in any way to my adult life.

5. I am very good at picking things up with my toes, and I got even BETTER at that skill by being pregnant so often. Also by being lazy so often.

6. My favourite animal is the blue whale. It is the largest mammal ever to have lived, and yet it only eats teeny tiny krill! What? Crazy!

7. I like Cheez Whiz.

8. Posh Spice really is my favourite Spice Girl. Her auto-biography was surprisingly interesting and I want her to write a sequel. What do you think of living in the USA, Victoria? What are you like as a parent? Inquiring minds want to know!

BONUS: I changed six poopy diapers today. SIX.

And third, my eleven (eight!) questions for three other bloggers.

I nominate the following people to answer eight questions, share eleven facts, and nominate three other bloggers:
– Juli from TwoFunMoms. But she has to get it done by Thursday so we can keep our promise to post every day this week. Go Juli, go go go go go!
– Krista Ewert from One Beautiful Life. I just discovered this blog a few weeks ago because Krista is another one of the bloggers nominated for the top 30 Mom Blogger award. I have never met her in real life or online, but her blog is gorgeous and I plan to introduce myself to her now! Hi Krista!
– Bonnie Way, at Koala Bear Writer. Bonnie is also a top 30 Vancouver Mom Blogger nominee, only I HAVE met her in real life! She’s lots of fun, and I would love to hear her answers to these questions!

1. What is the meal you eat the most often?
2. Who taught you to ride a bike and how old were you?
3. Where is your favourite place to spend a hot summer day?
4. What’s the first website you go to when you open your computer, besides Facebook?
5. How many kids did you think you’d want when you were a kid? Did you ever think about what you would name them?
6. If you could win a free trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?
7. What was the name of your first pet? How about the street you grew up on? (Because now we know your stripper name!)
8. What’s your favourite thing about writing a blog?
BONUS: Do you want to come over to my house and change my toddlers’ diapers? Please??


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4 thoughts on “Get To Know Jac

    1. Jac Post author

      Thanks for the nomination! It was fun to do. Also, you should have picked up Javelin at the last minute like I did. No one did Javelin so the competition was not too steep.

  1. Jenn G

    I procrastinate when my family is out of the house too. The second they walk out the door I’m already talking myself out of doing the tasks that I need to get done. Then when I realize they are going to be back any time and it is very obvious that I haven’t done anything… I go into a panicked cleaning frenzy. It’s usually the most productive 20 minutes of my week.


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