A Mother’s Day Printable

By Jac

My friend Amanda is a calligraphy genius, and here is something she made for us to give away on our blog! You can have it for free, to print and turn into a card for your mother (or the mother of your children, of course, if her kids are too young to be competent mother’s day celebraters on their own, hint hint Anton), or to frame and hang on your wall, or even to forget about and leave lying on the floor to get scribbled on. If you click on the picture, or the link below, you will get to a pdf version of this that you can just print off for yourself.

Home is Where Your Mom Is

Amanda is on Instagram (@amandaarneill) and if you follow her you’ll see that she is hilarious and sweet in addition to being crazy talented, and I love this print because it is just so true for many people. However, if it is not true for you — if your own mom is no longer a part of your life, or if your own childhood home was not one of comfort and safety, I hope Mother’s Day this year can still be a time of celebration and love for you. May you celebrate the people who stepped in and mothered you, and, if you have children yourself, may you feel joy in the fact that you can be “home” to your own sweet children.

Happy soon-to-be Mother’s Day, everyone. May you have realistically low expectations that your family exceeds.

(You can find this cute printable by clicking here: homeiswheremomis. You can also find more beautiful work in Amanda’s Etsy Shop. You have to pay for it there, though.) 

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