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You remember when Jac did the “Liebster Award” questionnaire? And then how she nominated me? Well, here are my answers. So: Ha, Jac! Got it done by Thursday!

1. What is the meal you eat the most often?

I think pasta wins the award for most eaten meal, because it involves almost no effort, and is ready fast and that is good because children go from happy to hungry and grumpy super-quick around here. Also when I say pasta I could mean super fancy whole wheat pasta with tons of veggies and chicken and healthy stuff, or I could mean box-style mac n’ cheese. You don’t know! You don’t know which it is! Could be either!

2. Who taught you to ride a bike and how old were you?

My Dad, and I think I was 7 or 8? Not sure exactly, I just know it was later than everyone else in my neighbourhood. He held the back of my seat with his hand while I begged him to never let go, and then he finally did without telling me, but it ended up being totally fine. I learned on my big sister’s bike, and then tried to borrow it from her all the time. Unfortunately this led to me running over her leg while she was sitting on the sidewalk, which made her maad! But then I got a pink bike with white wheels for Christmas that year, which led to lots of bike-riding fun together with my sister, until she and I crashed into each other, hard, which led to her having a sprained arm and me having a broken FACE. So, in conclusion, that’s how I learned to ride a bike.

3. Where is your favourite place to spend a hot summer day?

Gosh … that’s hard. I love our back patio when I’ve got a cold drink in my hand … but I also love my Grandparents’ cabin — on the deck, swinging in a hammock under the arbutus trees. I also probably would love Hawaii, if someone wanted to send me there as a fun experiment to see if that is the case.

4. What’s the first website you go to when you open your computer, besides Facebook?

Um, I think that answer is obvious!! It’s! Just kidding, it’s The first one isn’t an actual website that I know of, in case you are trying it out right now. But it should be!! If you set it up and it will provide users donut-related activities and fun facts, and include a “Donut of the Month” club, I will be the first to join!

5. How many kids did you think you’d want when you were a kid? Did you ever think about what you would name them?

I thought I’d have two or three I guess — I just knew I wouldn’t have six … which was the number of kids in my own family. I’m happy I have all those siblings now, (specifically because they love my kids and sometimes WANT to take them and babysit them. WANT to! For FREE!), but at the time it was not always as fun as it sounds! I loved the name “Betty” for a little girl, maybe because I liked Archie comics so much at the time? Probably.

6. If you could win a free trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go and who would you take with you?

Um …. I know I should say Hawaii, because I just indicated that I would like to go to there, but If I had my druthers and unlimited, quality child-care I would love to go to Europe. I haven’t been there since I was a kid, but I miss the baguettes and cheese sooo much. And now I could have WINE if I go, so that just adds another whole level of fantastic! But I have lots of non-food-related reasons, too. Well, a few non-food-related reasons.

7. What was the name of your first pet? How about the street you grew up on? (Because now we know your stripper name!)

My first pet that belonged to just me, and was not a family pet, was “Cheeky,” my pet hamster. He was a saucy little devil who liked to pee on my sweater. The street I grew up on was Lorraine Ave., and that would make my “exotic dancer” name a very pleasant “Cheeky Lorraine.”

8. What’s your favourite thing about writing a blog?

Doing this with Jac is my favourite part, and I’m not just trying to be sweet and lame. We weren’t really friends in high school, as you know (she was definitely cooler than me, FYI), but it’s been neat to find out how much we SHOULD have been better friends, and how we should have started a blog in high school together! Well, first we should have invented blogs, and then started one together. Because we could have been blogging about such hot topics as nineties fashion, and that cute boy in english class, and how much homework STINKS!

BONUS: Do you want to come over to my house and change my toddlers’ diapers? Please??

Happy to, Jac, if you will just quickly wash out that poopy pair of pants I have rolled up in the laundry corner of the kids’ room, for “later”. Just swish it out into the toilet, rinse, and repeat. Then put it in the washing machine.

11 random facts about me:

1. So Jac loves Rob Lowe? Well I INVENTED Rob Lowe. Just kidding. But I did meet him last year, at Starbucks, on my 10-year wedding anniversary. I asked him to pose for this photo with me, in which one of us looks much more excited, and, spoiler alert: it’s not him.


2. I have no valve between my large and small intestine. This was a result of going in to the hospital when I was 18 with a pain in my side, only to find out that my appendix needed to be removed. Once it was removed it was also discovered that there was a (non-cancerous) tumour inside, which needed to be removed, along with parts of the large and small intestine, and the valve in the middle. The best part was that the doctor told me afterwards that he really worked hard to “clean it up” in there, and lay out my intestines just right. I think he did a great job — Thanks Doc. But enough about my intestines, are you enjoying the noodles you packed for your lunch break?

3. My favourite part of an “Oh Henry” chocolate bar is the fudgey part in the middle.

4. I foiled a robbery once. I was working as a hostess in a restaurant, and a guy came in to use the bathroom, but never came out. It was about closing time, and I said “what happened to that guy?” I called into both bathrooms and there was no one in either bathroom, but I did see what looked like a disturbed tile in the roof of the women’s (!) washroom, so the waitress and I asked the manager to check the roof, and sure enough, there he was, waiting for us to close, presumably, when he could jump down and the alarm would immediately go off. I don’t like to call myself a hero, or anything, but I’m basically a hero.

5. I brush my teeth with warm water. Because why would you not – it’s like a delightful spa bath for your teeth?!

6. When I was 5, my ultimate career dream was to be a cashier at a grocery store, because I liked the way the scanning machine went “Boop!” Now I like it less, because the more I hear it, the more I become aware of how much I am spending, mostly on candy.

7. I swam too close to some sharks one time in Mexico, without realizing it. Didn’t get eaten though, so I call that a win!

8. I like Jac’s idea of doing only 8 facts and I am going to steal it. TRUE FACT.

And now I am told I need to nominate three other bloggers to answer eight questions and share eleven (give or take…) random facts about themselves, and then each nominate three other bloggers to do the very same thing! So, without further ado, I nominate the fine ladies from these three blogs:

Karen, from

Angela, from

Brooke, from

To answer these 8 questions:

1) Who was/is your biggest inspiration?

2) It’s 4:30 and you have no idea what you’re going to make for dinner. Do you go with Grilled Cheese or Chicken Nuggets?

3) What one piece of clothing do you wish still fit/you still had?

4) How many dates do you feel one would have to go on with someone before he/she can fart in front of that person?

5) What was your last dream about?

6) The age old question: Would you rather have the power of flight or the power of invisibility?

7) How many socks is enough socks? Like, how many can you get to before you’re basically hoarding socks?

8) What makes you special as a person? 

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