Get to know YOU: The One Fun Meal With Two Fun Moms Giveaway

On Tuesday, we had a post that was about getting to know Jac better, and Thursday we had a post to get to know Juli, but what about you readers? What if we want to get to know you better? Well, just for fun, we have invented a contest to help out with that!

What is happening?: A contest that will help us to get to know YOU!

What is the prize?: Three winners will meet Jac and Juli at a to-be-determined, not-too-fancy restaurant in Vancouver, where we will buy your meal! Juli and Jac have fun together, but we have a good time with other people, too, so we thought it would be fun to make some new friends for a night!

Who can enter?: ANYONE can enter, and we hope lots of people do because just entering at all helps us to get to know you better. However, while we will be flexible about arranging a date that works, we will not drive to Kelowna for dinner, unfortunately, so you probably want to be local to Vancouver or visit here often if you want to be chosen as a winner. But really, anyone can enter no matter where they live – men, women, parents, non-parents, other bloggers, Rob Lowe …

How do we enter?: Well, this is the fun part. To enter the contest, you need to post a photo of yourself on Instagram or Facebook with a caption that reads, “Hey Two Fun Moms, I’m One ___________!” Only, you need to fill that blank with something. So, “Hey Two Fun Moms, I’m One Fast Roller Blader!” with a picture of yourself on rollerblades. Bonus points for people who are ALSO holding a sign that says “” in the picture. Make sure you tag us (@onefunjac on Instagram, or TwoFunMoms on Facebook. You can also post it directly to our Facebook page if that’s easier).

Here’s a super awesome example photo that Jac made her husband pose for:

HEY TWO FUN MOMS, I’M ONE AWESOME GUITAR PLAYER! 11393361_10155717111495294_8735175804513915964_o

(We particularly like the bonus points he earned here with that sharpie and notebook. Also, it should be noted that he is a great sport, isn’t he?)

When’s the deadline?: You have one week! By next week Saturday, June 6, we will start our intense deliberations!

Who will win?: We are hoping we get to know a whole bunch of you better, just through your pictures, but we will pick our three favourites based on creativity and effort and whatever else we want to win the dinner! (We are only a tiny bit worried that no one will enter and we will be embarrassed…) Good luck! 

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