Well, this week marks the one year anniversary of our blog! It was one year ago that Juli went to Jac’s so we could spend a day creating our new website. We were just two kids, googling and guessing and hoping for the best. Look at us! So innocent:


And NOW look at us! So much has changed. You can’t even tell we’re the same blog-writers now that all this time has passed.


To celebrate this blogiversary, we are going to be posting every single weekday this week, with interesting and exciting things. First, there’s this Monday post telling you that we are going to post every day! Next, some get-to-know-us-better questionnaires with some fun facts, and finally, a sweet giveaway for two lucky readers. Like, not a sponsored product giveaway. Just a fun idea we had and are doing all by ourselves.

We’ve had a great year, and we are so grateful to those of you who read this blog, and who comment and like and share, and we hope you stick around for this year too! 

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