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The Yellow Sunglasses and Other Miracles

By Juli

As a child of the nineties, I was heavily into the fashions of the day during my early teens. For me this included Spice Girls-inspired chunky shoes, chokers, dark makeup, and, naturally, coloured sunglasses. When I was 14, I had some completely rad yellow sunglasses which I wore out sailing on my Grandpa’s sailboat one summer. There I was, lying on the deck of the sailboat with my friend, in my sunglasses and my cut-off jean shorts, busily keeping my eyes peeled for any boys that might show up on the horizon. Then, while I lazily peered over the side of the boat at the water as we sailed along the Georgia Straight, I lost my yellow sunglasses. They slipped off my face and fell into the water, and even though they were cheap and ridiculous, I was sad. I liked them, I felt cool in them, and they made everything look sunny and bright. But in that moment I knew I would never see them again. Continue reading

A Mother’s Day Printable

By Jac

My friend Amanda is a calligraphy genius, and here is something she made for us to give away on our blog! You can have it for free, to print and turn into a card for your mother (or the mother of your children, of course, if her kids are too young to be competent mother’s day celebraters on their own, hint hint Anton), or to frame and hang on your wall, or even to forget about and leave lying on the floor to get scribbled on. If you click on the picture, or the link below, you will get to a pdf version of this that you can just print off for yourself. Continue reading

A Visit From Shello

By Juli

Before Jac and I started our (award-winning) blog, I used to do all of my writing about life and child-rearing in my Facebook status, where I would regularly write long, rambling statuses that only my friends and family would be able to enjoy, FOR FREE, I might add. Now that we make the BIG BUCKS* on this blog, I figured I have to recycle some of the posts that were popular on Facebook, because recycling is IMPORTANT, if Earth Day taught us anything, which it did.

So, without further ado, here is one I wrote in January of last year. Please enjoy.

*We do not make the big bucks. Continue reading

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