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Here at TwoFunMoms we get unsolicited questions from readers (and/or friends) all the time, and not just the obvious ones, like “How do you stay so trim?” or “Are you leaving Costco? Can I have your parking spot?” We do not mind any of these questions at all, so we decided to take some time to answer some FAQs in case other people are wondering the same things. Or maybe just because we like to talk about ourselves.

1. Do you ever get jealous of each other’s successes on the blog?

Jac: No. The thing about blogging successes is that you usually have to work for them. If something I write gets published by HuffPost, it’s only because I submitted it to HuffPost, with a bio and a headshot and photos, which is a bit of a process … And we do not publish how often I get rejected. (I’m looking at you, Scary Mommy!) So we are genuinely happy for each other when good things happen. Also, we need each other. The deal from the beginning was that all either of us need to commit to is writing a post for our own blog once a week. As long as Juli does that, then I have time for submissions and social media and Facebook groups and reading other blogs, and all the other blog-adjacent activities I enjoy.

Juli: I think one of the greatest parts of blogging with someone else is to be able to share success, and enjoy your partner’s successes. Jac and I also have very different approaches to the blog — it is more connected to her life and livelihood (as a writer and editor) than it is mine, even though I enjoy it immensely. This means that she tries harder — she submits things to places, she promotes like crazy and she micro-manages elements of the blog that I don’t know exist. We often joke that I am the blog husband and she is the blog wife, who keeps me on task. For all these reasons, I don’t think there is jealousy between us at all. We’re just too different.

Jac: Also, Juli comes with Spencer, her REAL husband, and his crazy art skillz have been super beneficial. So, teamwork all around, really.

2. Do you make any money doing this?

Jac: Short answer: No. Longer answer, not really. We could easily start to “monetize” by doing more sponsored posts, getting more active on twitter and hosting twitter parties, doing more “branding” and so on, but … we don’t want to. We are kind of enjoying having a hobby that’s just a fun hobby, and we don’t need to make money for us to feel successful at it. (People don’t usually wonder if golfers are making money golfing until they quit their other jobs for it.) However, we don’t want to LOSE money, so we do occasionally apply for sponsored posts when they pay really well and we’re hoping the revenue from our side-bar ads eventually picks up. Finally, having the blog, and you bloopies, does help with other opportunities financially in the future, if we want to start any projects on the side later. I, for one, am not OPPOSED to making money. If you want me to write or edit something for you and you are willing to pay me to do it, send me a message! I’m good at what I do, and I’d love to do more of it without having to spend a lot of time hunting for the jobs.

Juli: I think Jac said it all, and quite eloquently, too; thanks Jac! Here’s the only part she left out: I DO make money from this thing, only she doesn’t know about it. Like, BILLIONS of dollars on the side.

3. Are you worried you are going to run out of ideas?

Juli: Well, unless I lapse into a coma (no disrespect to those who are in comas) and can’t write, I doubt my children will suddenly turn into uninteresting people who will no longer be able to fuel my writing ability. That said, there will probably come a time when their stories are not really mine to share anymore, and at that point I hope I get enough interesting material on my own! But seriously, there’s a lot of life left to live, and I hope we’ll still be writing when we’re two fun grandmas!

Jac: I totally agree that as long as we are living, we will have things to write about, even if we eventually start writing about our kids less. I would like to add, though, that I think we both still love getting ideas from people. If you want to hear more about a specific area of our lives, or if you see something happening in the world that you think someone should write about, let us know! We LOVE good ideas! We are not super into writing about “trending” topics, though, unless we have something new to say about it. We are not going to write about the Duggars just because EVERYONE is writing about the Duggars, but we would if we had a new perspective to share (which we do not, by the way).

4. Can I be the third “Fun Mom”?

Juli: Yes. Yes you can. Bring wine. And funyuns.

Jac: Seriously, if that’s your question, you are going to LOVE our contest. Stay tuned until tomorrow, or perhaps Friday, to find out what that is … Only don’t bring funyuns. Gross. 

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