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Cars and Daughters

By Jac

We just bought a new car. We have a minivan, too, but this new car is the one that will replace the car we bought in the summer of 2003, just months before we got married. Our old silver Toyota Corolla has taken us on several road-trips from Vancouver to Hamilton, and Hamilton to New Mexico and back again, from New Mexico to Vancouver, from Vancouver to California, and all over British Columbia. It has driven us both to many jobs and homes, to parties and friends and weddings and funerals. But now it has lost all its hubcaps, there’s a dent in one side from that time I backed into the fire hydrant on our old driveway, and one in the other side from when Anton backed our van into our car (ahh, memories). To open the driver side door, you need to roll down the window first and reach out to the busted handle on the outside of the door, and there is no air conditioning, no interior lights … and the engine isn’t working all that great anymore either. This car is as old as our marriage, and it is full of memories, including bringing our first two newborn daughters home for the first time. It was a good car, and reliable, but it’s time for a change. We needed a new car. Continue reading

From Baby to Five, and Back Again

By Juli

This week the baby of our family turned five, which, for the most part, is very exciting for me. She will start Kindergarten in the fall, and that will open up a whole new world of being at work or being by myself during the day, and that is an exciting prospect. I’ve been proudly sharing how excited I am about this with everyone who will listen, because I’ve been feeling SO ready for it after years and years of entertaining her during the day, and we all know how successful that usually is.

However, something happened in me that I wasn’t ready for when her birthday came this week. Continue reading

My Summer Survival Plan

By Jac

Well, my kids have “graduated” from Kindergarten and Grade One, so I’m not allowed to drop them off at the school anymore, apparently. This means that I have all four of my children home with only me, at least for a week and a half until my husband is finished teaching for the summer. The following two pictures just about sum up how the summer is going for me so far, and please consider the fact that I was standing less than ten feet away from these incidents both times. Continue reading

Inter-gala-ctic Fun!

This past Wednesday Jac and I were invited to the 2015 Top 30 Mom Blogger gala. Having never been to a gala before, nor having many opportunities to rub shoulders with other bloggers, we were super pumped. We were nominated this year along with 30 other bloggers, and even though we didn’t win, we were so excited to be nominated and be able to attend this event and meet all of these other lovely people. It was really fun and we even learned some lessons along the way!

Action shot!

Action shot!

Continue reading

Book Review: Little House for Little Kids

By Jac
Remember the Little House on the Prairie series? It is a series of books written by Laura Ingalls Wilder about her childhood in a settler family, including her Pa and her Ma, her older sister Mary, and baby sister Carrie. If you don’t remember this book, or the television show based on it, then you are really very young. But are these classic books good to read to your own kids? Well, I just finished reading Little House on the Prairie (which is the title book in the series of the same name) to my two oldest daughters, who are seven and almost six, so allow me to tell you how that went.

First, I will start with the best and most important point: Continue reading

Triangle Head and Other Ways My Daughter May Look Different Than The Girls in her Book

By Juli

Whenever possible, probably because I have an agenda, I try to talk to my children about differences. The fact that every single person in the world is so very different, and yet so many standards of beauty are so cookie-cutter, is frustrating to me, especially since I have a string-bean little boy, and a little girl who is rapidly rounding out (which could also be the result of her obsession with treats, but I digress).

This morning I noticed my daughter, S, working away on a little design book she has — it’s a book her Oma gave her, which provides stencils of dresses which you can use to draw dresses overtop of the figures in the book to “dress” them, and then you can colour their outfits. She loves this book, especially lately. She calls it her “fashion,” and flounces around with it playing “fashion,” a game which consists of her digging through all the baskets of clean laundry, and getting me to choose an outfit which I must then pay her “55 dollars” for. It’s a real hoot, because I love refolding laundry over and over again. Continue reading

Why do I keep saying these things?

By Jac

I keep saying these things to myself. I know they are not true, but I keep thinking them anyway. Maybe it’s because I’m an optimistic person, full of hope that just won’t quit. Or perhaps I’m just an idiot who never learns.

– “We haven’t eaten this in a while, but it’s made up of all things they like so maybe they’ll try it.”

– “I can fold one load of laundry on the living room floor while the toddler is awake, she won’t wreck it this time. Just one load!” Continue reading

One Fun Meal Contest WINNERS

Well, we learned something this week, folks. We learned that there is a reason bloggers do rafflecopters and coupons, and things that can be sent in the mail when they want to do a giveaway for their readers. We did NOT have huge response for our contest.

But, see, it occurs to us, in hindsight, that when your readership is mostly made up of exhausted parents, a prize that involves finding childcare, getting dressed in human-clothes, driving to Vancouver, and eating dinner with people you don’t know, may not actually be an appealing prize. Whoops! Our bad! Live and learn. Or, in this case, blog and learn. Next time: a spa day, on a Saturday morning. We hear you. Continue reading

“Food is best”

By Juli

I remember sitting in the hospital waiting room when I was heavily pregnant with my second child, waiting for my turn to become un-pregnant. They had booked my C-section for 8 AM, but, surprise, surprise, it was a busy day and I was bumped several times, so it was a while before they could even get me a bed in triage. So there I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours, my huge pregnant belly making every position in the pastel hospital chair uncomfortable, staring at the posters on the wall because I didn’t have a smart phone at the time. I remember that there was one poster about how smoking can lower the birth weight of your baby, and then approximately five posters about how “Breast is Best.” I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this campaign, but if you’ve ever been in a maternity ward you’ve probably seen a poster like this, emblazoned with the slogan “Breast is Best” and listing the benefits of breast milk for a newborn. At the time I was too uncomfortable to even contemplate this campaign, but I have had some time since then, and the conclusion I have come to about the “Breast is Best” campaign is rather simple: I think it stinks. Continue reading

That time I lost a toddler in IKEA; or how I busted my side-view mirror

By Jac

Well, you see, I had to pick something up from Coquitlam, and I had the two littlest kids with me. We’d been stuck in the van on a hot day for quite a while, and even though I knew it would be pretty stressful to go to IKEA with two toddlers, I just needed one item — a picture frame — and we were driving right by it. RIGHT BY. So I turned, even though I hadn’t been planning to, and I parked in the underground parking lot, and we headed to IKEA.

Once I had made it through the parking lot with two toddlers, a bag, and no stroller, I dragged the kids up the escalator to the showroom to find a cart. Continue reading

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