Inter-gala-ctic Fun!

This past Wednesday Jac and I were invited to the 2015 Top 30 Mom Blogger gala. Having never been to a gala before, nor having many opportunities to rub shoulders with other bloggers, we were super pumped. We were nominated this year along with 30 other bloggers, and even though we didn’t win, we were so excited to be nominated and be able to attend this event and meet all of these other lovely people. It was really fun and we even learned some lessons along the way!

Action shot!

Action shot!

After asking our lovely Facebook fans for some ideas for how to display our “Fun Mom” pride (thank you all!), we settled on the idea that maybe it would be fun to have matching shoes! Jac, with all of her free time, decided to go the day before to pick out some cute matchy shoes for us to wear. Poor Jac, who was dragging three of her kids through the mall while attempting to locate two pairs of size 10 red flats because we two fun moms have four big feet, was texting me pictures while doing this, but the texts weren’t coming through, and I was busy dropping my own child at preschool and going to work while not getting those pictures. Lesson 1: The internet is dumb and never works when we really need it to!

We found our third Fun Mom!

Here, Jac is informing me that the selfie I am trying to take will be ruined by the child in the poster behind us. But I took the picture anyway, just to show her how cool I am, and to show how I don’t even care about what she says.

Then, when Jac finally got her hands on some decent $11 red flats for our hilarious matchy shoes idea, it was revealed that they only had one pair of size 10s (of course), and no 11s even! So Jac, running out of time and sanity, grabbed a size 10 and a size 9. Lesson 2: Stores need to have more size tens, yo. Discussing this dilemma afterwards, we decided that we could trade throughout the night, so that hurty feet would only be a problem for a little while for either of us, and that we wouldn’t have to worry about it being both of us at the same time. Later, when we switched during the Gala, I made a comment about how lovely it was to be sharing our foot sweat in this way, and Jac made a hi-larious joke about how we are now the “Two Fungus Moms,” on account of the foot fungus we were now probably sharing with each other. Lesson 3: Jac is funny, especially after 3 flutes of champagne.

Cute shoesies!

Cute shoesies! Guess who is wearing the size 9s?

Then, on the day of the Gala, mom-life struck. Poor Jac, who had thought she might have time that day to maybe go back to a different shoe store and look for more size 10s, and who also thought it would be fun to actually have some time to get ready for the Gala, all of a sudden had a child with a relentless fever of 104, and found herself in the hospital with said child, worriedly waiting for testing, pediatricians, the right antibiotics, etc. Lesson 4: Children do not wait for convenient times to get sick. Thankfully things got diagnosed and sorted out with enough time for Jac to throw on a cute dress and fluff her hair and drive for a long time to get to the Gala, actually beating me there. Me, who decided to take the train in to town for the gala like one of the cool kids (on account of the three flutes of champagne I was planning on, obviously).

At one point my train reached a stop and a bunch of people were getting off and I thought to myself, “Huh! Here’s a popular station!” And then the train started going backwards and I realized that that had also been my stop. So, I got off in disgrace at the next station and caught the train back again. Coming out into the sunshine, I was all ready to walk down the street to the Gala, but instead I walked into a dollar store where I proceeded to buy two fun pairs of glasses for Jac and I to embarrass ourselves with at the Gala, on account of the fact that I saw a dollar store and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. Lesson 5: I don’t care what you say, dollar stores are fun, and not a waste of time or money. I would have bought a Wunderbar that I saw at the counter, too, but as it turned out it didn’t fit in my purse, so I would have had to carry my shameful purchase around all night while thinking of ways to subtly and classily shove it into my pie-hole. Lesson 6: Wunderbars are delicious and it almost would have been worth it. 

Two Fun Moms!

Two Fun Glasses!

Anyway, we eventually met up, I forced Jac to wear the crazy glasses I had just bought into the gala, she introduced me to many of the lovely people whose blogs she admires greatly, and we drank champagne and ate pizza and macaroons and laughed a lot. We particularly enjoyed chatting with Bianca from Bits of Bee, Joelle from Kid Hangover and her hilarious side-kick friend whose name we forget, Bonnie from theKoalaMom, Janna from Growing Marriage, and Karen from Spill It Mom. It was wonderful to meet you, and all the rest of you, too, even if we aren’t mentioning you here! Oh yeah, and we’d like to tell Tyler, whose nametag just said “Tyler” that we enjoyed it when you did eventually wear your wife’s nametag for her so she didn’t have to wear it in pictures, but so that her website name (Images by Bethany) could still be visible. A+ husbanding, there, Tyler.

And we also cheered for the winner of the vote, Michaela Evanow, who blew the rest of us out of the water by receiving 40% of the total number of votes. So thank you very much, fans, for all your voting and love, but we weren’t even close! Please feel free to check out Michaela’s blog, but be warned: it is so beautifully written and heart-wrenching and wonderful and sad that you will definitely cry. Lesson 7: Winning blog awards is not even close to the most important thing in life.

And then, when we left, we each got swag bags full of cool stuff! It ended up being a great night, even though both of our feet did end up hurting. Thanks for a great time!



Awesome Nominee Swag Bags!!


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  1. Bianca

    Loved meeting you two too! I’m here if you have any questions about blogging/writing – and welcome to the top 30 alumni club! B 🙂


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