One Fun Meal Contest WINNERS

Well, we learned something this week, folks. We learned that there is a reason bloggers do rafflecopters and coupons, and things that can be sent in the mail when they want to do a giveaway for their readers. We did NOT have huge response for our contest.

But, see, it occurs to us, in hindsight, that when your readership is mostly made up of exhausted parents, a prize that involves finding childcare, getting dressed in human-clothes, driving to Vancouver, and eating dinner with people you don’t know, may not actually be an appealing prize. Whoops! Our bad! Live and learn. Or, in this case, blog and learn. Next time: a spa day, on a Saturday morning. We hear you.

Luckily, we did get two entries, and it is going to be a totally fun meal! We’ll be in touch with you fun winners, and we can’t wait to hang out!

First, Teresa, who tagged us on Facebook from her busy work day:11407103_10153209470601195_6386548935537227216_n
Second, Heather, who blogs at Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play, who tagged me in an Instagram shot. It was captioned, “Hey Two Fun Moms, I’m one comfy pillow!”:


Thanks for entering, you two! We can’t wait to meet up!

If anyone else would like to join us, feel free to send us a message and you can come along! (You’re paying for your own meal, though.) 

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