Why do I keep saying these things?

By Jac

I keep saying these things to myself. I know they are not true, but I keep thinking them anyway. Maybe it’s because I’m an optimistic person, full of hope that just won’t quit. Or perhaps I’m just an idiot who never learns.

– “We haven’t eaten this in a while, but it’s made up of all things they like so maybe they’ll try it.”

– “I can fold one load of laundry on the living room floor while the toddler is awake, she won’t wreck it this time. Just one load!”

– “I’ll buy these cookies for occasional treats for the kids; not for myself!”

– “Maybe they cleaned up their playmobil like I asked them to.”

– “I’ll just open my computer to check my email for a minute and nothing else.”

– “I’ll put these cucumber slices in her lunch again, because maybe she’ll eat them this time.”

– “Oh good! We’re going to be early for school today!”

– “They stayed up late tonight, so maybe they’ll sleep in tomorrow.”

– “Okay, I’m getting desperate so I’ll turn on the TV for them for just one show, and then turn it off again.”

– “I’ll put this laundry away tomorrow.”

– “I’m going to wear these pretty dangly earrings. I’ll just keep them away from the toddler’s grip.”

– “I’ll get up before the kids tomorrow so I have a great start to my morning!”

– “Fine, I’ll give her a big girl cup instead of a sippy cup. She probably won’t spill.”

– “I’m gonna go to bed on time tonight.”

– “I think I’ll try some of the sushi. I’ll definitely like it this time. Everyone likes sushi!”

– “I’ll get bins because that will help us stay organized.”

– “I think our two-year-old may need a nap today. She won’t stay up until 10pm this time if she sleeps this afternoon.”

– “I’ll just buy the things on my list in Costco. Nothing else.”

Never happens. All of these things NEVER HAPPEN. But, well, cheers to optimism! I’ll try again tomorrow.



What optimistic little lies do you tell yourself? Or am I the only one? 

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