Do More Relaxing When You Win a Fancy New Video Monitor

By Jac

I’m a big fan of baby monitors. I’ve always had the standard listening-only ones, which I relied on when I needed to sleep with a fan in my room, or when I was far away from whichever of my children was a sleeping baby at the time. So when my trusty monitor stopped working recently, I was pretty annoyed. Was I really going to buy a new monitor when my youngest child was already one and a half? I should be almost done with monitors! But I couldn’t NOT buy one; our house is three stories, and we have sound-blocking fans running all the time. I simply need to be able to hear the kids who are too little, still, to get up and find me if they need me.


So when I was offered a chance to be a part of the campaign for the Levana Ovia Video Baby monitor, I realized I’d found the perfect solution to this little conundrum. My husband and I discussed that we could even use it and then maybe sell it when we’re finished with it. Well, as soon as it arrived in the mail, I knew there was absolutely NO WAY we’d be selling this amazing little device. It was just way too cool. It has two separate cameras so you can put them in two different locations (we have one pointed right at the baby’s crib, and the other in the hallway so we can hear all of the other action going on upstairs with the other three kids). It has a 4.3 inch, LCD screen so you can clearly see what’s happening, and it is shockingly easy to use. We had already been using it for a few days before I got around to reading the directions, which then only taught me that we had easily figured out how to use it without them.

What makes this extra-special though, is all the bonus features it comes with, such as the two-way radio (“Go to sleep. Do not sit up. Lie down. It’s sleeping time,” says the mysterious voice to the baby, while the owner of the voice stays on the couch), the remote lullaby option, and the fact that you can turn the camera all around the room.

My toddler's latest lunch-time entertainment is watching her little sister sleep. Exciting!

My toddler’s latest lunch-time entertainment is watching her little sister sleep. How exciting!

The timing of this monitor in my life was just so perfect, as it arrived literally one day after my youngest daughter climbed out of her crib for the first time. We are not nearly ready for her to graduate to a “big girl bed,” and neither is she, but now that she can climb out of her crib, I worry about her getting herself into unsafe situations. However, I hate to peek into her room to check in case she is NOT out of her crib, because then she may see me and want to play instead of sleep! With the Ovia, I’ve not had this problem at all. A quick glance tells me that she’s safe and sound in her crib.

There was one time when she was NOT in her crib, however. Then I was able to use the camera to silently pan around in her room until I found her playing with books in the corner of her room, all without getting off my couch. I did have to get up then, of course, to convince her that it was, in fact, sleeping time. I kind of hope the Levana people are working on a monitor that picks up toddlers and puts them back to bed.

It’s also been really fun to use the monitor to take pictures and videos that we can then upload to our computer using the SD card included. Levana is a company that ONLY makes baby monitors, and they launched the first ever wireless handheld video monitor already in 2002. Their expertise and focus on one specific product has certainly paid off for them, and for their customers. If you want more details about all the amazing features of this video monitor, click here.


So we will be KEEPING our fancy new monitor, and with it we will do more relaxing, we will do more sitting outside on the deck, we will do more hanging out in the basement where it’s cool in the summer and warm in the winter, all while knowing our baby is safe (and all her sisters, too).

And now, you can win one too! Fill out the form below; it’s easier than you think!
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  This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Levana. The opinions and text are all mine.


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