How to Make Your Pig Pen POP!

By Jac

As I have said before, I’m not much of a Pinterest gal. I’m just not interested in making crafts and food and design that looks flawless. (I am on Pinterest now, pinning anything on the internet that I find interesting, but that’s not ever anything pretty.) However, I have noticed that blogs with practical tips and advice about decor tend to do VERY well, so I decided to use my own particular set of skills to create a how-to guide of my own. Enjoy!

Don’t you hate it when you are getting a new batch of pigs for your farm, but the little pen you have for them to live in is just plain old BORING? This is a problem I recently had, so I decided to enlist the help of my young daughters to show them (and you!) that farming can be fun AND beautiful!

Follow these easy steps to create your own Stylish Sty.

1. Take a “before” picture. Without a frame-of-reference shot, how will the pigs know to be grateful for their stylish digs?

2. Give your kids the paint swatch colour choice thingy from the paint store, telling them that if they can agree on a colour, that’s the one you will use. Be shocked when they actually do agree, and then act cheerful about what they chose (Teal Blast!).


3. Purchase the paint, taking the kids along to the store so they can watch how paint colours get made and mixed. Also make sure you have the brushes and the rollers and the trays. Personal tip: actually get Grandma J to do that second thing.


4. Get your kids and at least one other adult to help you paint! This is the most fun step! For about 10 minutes. Then everyone will be hungry for a snack and too hot to keep painting.

5. Give your kids a Freezie and some crackers, ask them not to touch anything with their painty hands, wash their hands, change a diaper, referee a fight over a sand-box toy … all while the other adult keeps painting. Teamwork! (Thanks, Grandma J.) And now the painting is done! It looks amazing so far, of course, but follow the next steps to really take it to the NEXT LEVEL.

6. Go to the dollar store for some pretty decor. We picked little wood thingies and then the kids could each paint one. I just didn’t feel like we’d ruined quite enough clothing yet on this project so we may as well ruin a few more of Daddy’s shirts. It’s worth it, because what’s more important than having a pig pen you can all be proud of?

7. Select a clever name for your pig pen (like the real farmers do) and buy the appropriate letters you need. Paint them, if necessary. The letters we selected were purchased at (you guessed it!) Dollarama. 

8. Hang your fancy wood decor on the side of the building that gets most exposure to the neighbours, or to people walking by. Voila! You’re finished!


"The Oink Motel"

“The Oink Motel”

9. Optional bonus step: create a “wind direction meter” on one of the pig pen’s fence posts using wind spirals you got at the dollar store and want the kids to stop fighting over. Duct tape works just fine to hold them in place and adds a pig-pen friendly touch of class.


I hope you enjoyed these tips to creating a pig pen that will be the envy of all your neighbours! Even if you live too far away from your neighbours for them to actually see it (because farmhouses tend to be far apart), at least your pigs will know you care. 

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