10 Mom Hacks to Fake Being a “Supermom”

By Jac

You know those moms who seem to have it all together? The ones who are good at it all: the baking and the crafts and the smiling and the basic hygiene? I think that the truth is that no one really has it all “together,” but some people are very good at looking like they do. In some cases, appearances really go a long way, and because of that, here are some simple “Supermom Hacks” that I use to trick people into thinking that I’m better at this parenting/being a grown-up gig than I really am.

1. Use dry shampoo when you need to fake a freshly showered look. Alternatively, keep a pair of dangly earrings in your car to wear with your unwashed-hair messy bun so it looks like a style you’re going with on purpose. Just wipe the cup-holder crumbs off first, Supermom.



2. Buy muffin mix. Some only require adding water and nothing else, but a fresh-baked muffin looks so impressive in your child’s lunch box. You must be a supermom!IMG_2107


3. Wear scarves. Tights + plain t-shirt = mom who doesn’t care what she’s wearing. But tights + plain t-shirt + scarf = mom who took the time to put together an outfit. A.K.A, a supermom.blooming-flowers-blue-silk-scarf_40427


4. Dress your preschoolers in comfortable clothes instead of pyjamas when you put them to bed. Then when you drag them to your morning outing, everyone will assume you took the time to dress them, no matter how early it is. What a supermom you must be!PJs


5. If you buy pre-made food at the grocery store and you want to pass it off as your own, use scissors to cut slits in the corners of the disposable containers. That way, it’s easier to slide it out into your own dishes. Then you can be the supermom who made the lasagna from scratch!



6. Buy “handmade” cards and pass them off as your own crafty creations. What a thoughtful supermom you are!11742791_10155928470405294_4275594537550093498_n


7. Even if your playroom is supposed to be organized into a system involving smaller, more specific containers, make sure you have at least one bin big enough to hold EVERYTHING. Cleaning up for guests is a lot quicker if you can just hurl everything into one place, and then you’ll have a Supermom’s playroom. 



8. Empty your child’s take-home folder or binder every day, all school year long. “Together” moms read everything that comes home, even at the end of the year, but even when you just dump the contents out directly into the recycling bin, it looks the same. You’re welcome, supermom.file0001117035713


9. Put the fancy, organic, healthy snacks in your purse or diaper bag for public consumption. Save the cheaper, more delicious, pesticide-filled junk for when you’re at home.organic


10. When you don’t have time to brush your child’s hair or the will to fight with her about it (which may be almost every day), remember that a messy bun works at any age. 



Looking good, Supermom. You’ve got this.

(And don’t forget to check out these other “helpful” parenting hacks!) 

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8 thoughts on “10 Mom Hacks to Fake Being a “Supermom”

  1. Brandi-Lee

    Love this! I laughed at #9. Great idea! I am a fan of large sunglasses. I would say messy bun, but somehow I can’t even get that right without using clips or bobby pins…

  2. grace

    I have been a super mom this whole time and I didn’t even know it! Here I thought I was being a fraud but I was really just awesome 😉

  3. kelsey

    This article is a joke….those that think you are being a fraud you are correct …this is what is wrong with parents today.


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