When Kids Review Inside Out

By Jac (and her daughters)

It was quite a long time ago, now, when my two oldest daughters let me interview them for a post. They’ve been asking me to do it again for a while now, and considering that I want them to LIKE my blog, I thought it was time to oblige. So may I present to you: the most convoluted review of a movie you’ve ever heard. Side-note if you haven’t seen it: the emotions they mention are the CHARACTERS in the movie. (To remind you: G is seven and a half, and E is almost six.)


E: G, what should we do?

G: I don’t know.

E (whispering): She’s typing everything we say!

G: Blah.

E: Blah. This is the best blog post ever.

G: How’s it going mama?

Me: Ummm…. How about you start by telling me about your favourite movie of the summer?

G: Inside Out!

E: What I like about Inside Out is … ummmm……

G: I like how Sadness is very, very weird.

E: Yeah. He’s so weird.

G: She.

E: What?

G: Sadness is a she. And I like Disgust because she makes Anger mad and then she burns the window because the fire comes out of his head so she burns the window so Joy and Sadness can come in. I like Riley because she’s so fun.

E: Who’s Riley?

G: The girl.

E: What girl?

G: The girl. From Inside Out.

E: Who?

G: The human girl.

E: Oh. Yeah.

G: I like Anger because….

E: You like Anger? Why?

G: Because he’s so angry all the time.

E: I don’t like Anger because he’s so angry all the time. I don’t like being angry. And I love the end! The end is the awesomest part! Like when the song’s playing, they’re all angers, like joy is anger too, and sadness is anger too and they’re all angry and fire shoots out of their heads.

G: I like the end too, but the part when the boy meets Riley and inside his head is like, “girl girl girl!”

E: Ha. Right.

G: Mommy, why do you think there’s no silliness inside her? Like there’s joy, anger, disgust, but there’s no silliness? Why is there no silliness?

Me: I don’t know; why do you think there should be silliness?

G: Because there’s all the feelings in her head, but not silliness.

Me: Are there really all the feelings?

G: Well, I guess there’s not scared. Or hurt.

E: Now can I talk?

Me: Do you think there any feelings missing from her head?

E: Sadness?

Me: Sadness is in there.

E: Oh yeah. Funniness then. Now can I tell you why I like disgust?

Me: Sure. Why?

E: So. Disgust. This is what G said. Disgust makes Angriness mad and then he shoots fire out of his head. Angriness, whatever his name is …

G: Anger

E: … makes somebody angry and then she makes a bad choice because of her. A bad choice to run away.

G: Him. Anger is a boy. Do you need me to tell you who’s a boy and a girl?

E: What’s that angriness called again?

G: Anger.

Me: What did you think about the parts with the memories?

E: What I like about the memories part is how they show how her life is going. Can I go downstairs now? To watch TV?

Me: I want you to say one more thing about Inside Out.

E: This is E and I am out. Okay?

Me: Yep. See ya later, Alligator.

G: Mom? I feel like there was three there. Like, Anger, Disgust … who else?

Me: Yeah, you’re right. Um … Fear.

G: Right! Oh, so there was scared.

Me: So would you recommend this movie? If someone asked you if they should watch it?

G: Yes. Well, if they were asking me which movie they should watch, it would depend on the person. Like, maybe they would be too scared, or maybe they are too little …

Me: Okay, but what if they asked you, “Should I watch Inside Out; is it good?” What would you say?

G: Yes. It’s a good movie. It’s some parts sad, some parts scary, some parts funny. Well, my dad thinks it’s funny anyways. But Daddy thinks everything is funny.

So there you have it folks. We can’t remember all the characters, and no word here on how we feel about the plot, but if you’re not too little, and you don’t mind a bit of scariness, you’ll probably like this movie. You’ll definitely like it if you’re G and E’s Daddy who really does think everything Pixar makes is funny. 

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3 thoughts on “When Kids Review Inside Out

  1. Mary Lou Donkersloot

    I see two girls bouncing up and down telling the story — with E as distractible as ever and G trying to put all her thoughts together! Precious girls!!!


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