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What You Should Never Say to a Friend Who Can’t Get Pregnant (When You Can)

By Jac

As you can probably guess by the fact that I had four children in five and a half years, I did not have much difficulty conceiving. However, two of my very best friends struggled for years to get pregnant, so while I would not want to give advice to someone who can’t conceive, I do feel qualified to give advice about what do to when your friend can’t get pregnant while you can. One really good friend of mine had been “trying” for a few years already when I had to tell her I was pregnant with my third child. And then she was still trying when I got pregnant with my fourth. This situation is obviously hard on a friendship, but we are still close friends. Here’s a list of things I definitely tried not to say during that raw and awkward time, and why I think you shouldn’t say them either.

1. “I’m pregnant!”
You know who will be happy to hear this wonderful news? Continue reading

Spaghetti Sobs

By Jac

I recently co-coordinated and ran a Neighbourhood Kids Camp at my church, and it was a very tiring week. This meant I was responsible for the scheduling and safety of 50 kids, plus coordinating all the adult and youth volunteers. There were crafts, games, stories, songs, skits, props, guest speakers, decorations. It was so much fun, and great to be able to get to know so many families in the area and give their parents a bit of a break in the middle of the long days of summer … but I was a little exhausted.

You see, it turns out that just because I volunteered to coordinate a kids camp didn’t mean that my family disappeared and stopped needing me to do things. So every afternoon I’d want to come home and crash, but I couldn’t do so because I’d actually have to parent instead. Continue reading

19 Reasons I’m Terrible at Working From Home (And My New Favourite Solution)

By Jac

As a writer, I know what it’s like to work from home. I don’t set time aside for writing as often as I’d like, and certainly not as often as other people do, who work from home for their full- or part-time career. However, I do attempt working from home enough to know that I am not good at it. Here’s why:

1. Too many humans live there: Even if my husband is home and we’ve decided that it’s time for me to work while he watches the kids, it is very difficult to focus when children keep barging in and asking for help with things, or to confirm with me that they do, in fact, need to listen to Daddy. (As you can probably guess, it’s also harder for Daddy to parent when I’m hiding downstairs in the rec room with a computer on my lap.) Continue reading

The Facts and Fictions You Should Know Before You Become a Parent

By Juli
Fact: If you sit down to use the bathroom, your child will suddenly have to wash their hands/their stuffed pet’s hands, and will knock on the door/jiggle the handle until you let her in, and because you can’t GO under those conditions you might as well open the door. It will be a long time before you will urinate or defecate in complete privacy again.

Fiction: You will be able to sleep in again one day. Continue reading

Summer Writing

By Jac

I’m supposed to write a blog post tonight. I have to do it because of my own self-imposed deadline, and because I don’t want to let Juli down. And I WANT to do it, because I like to write, I think. I’m supposed to like to write, anyway … I want my  blog to be good, I love it when people read what I’ve written, I like taking pride in what I’ve done, I like making people laugh and think and feel good.

It’s just hard, you see, because I don’t have any thoughts right now. None. Continue reading

That Time I Built “The Enterprise” with My 7-year-old

By Juli

I’ve always been a fan of Star Trek, specifically the “Next Generation” series, so when my son got a build-your-own toy-brick U.S.S. Enterprise last Christmas I was pretty excited, because I figured it was something that he and I could have fun doing together. Like many of our toys (lest we be overwhelmed by them), it was put up on a shelf for future use, and according to the “out-of-sight, out-of-mind” rule it was promptly forgotten. Fast-forward to a few days ago, when I found it in the closet and my eyes lit up. “Hey!” I said to my boy, “Let’s build THIS tomorrow!” “Yeeeah!” He said. It was a date. Continue reading

Top 10 Ways I’m Killing it This Summer

By Jac

With four whole weeks left to go before school starts around here, I’m pretty much doing awesome this summer. Here’s my Top Ten list.

10. Sometimes my kids eat cereal for breakfast and lunch on the same day.

9. Instead of counting the number of hours that the television is on every day, I count the hours it’s OFF. Because that really seems like a LOT, no matter how much Toopy and Binoo we watch. Continue reading

The Lice Busters

By Juli

Years ago I remember announcing, with some confidence, that if I ever got lice I would immediately shave my head. This was in my early twenties, during a lice outbreak at the camp I was working at at the time. During that outbreak, luckily, I never got lice, so my long brunette locks remained afixed to my oddly-shaped head. I was perhaps not thinking of the shape of my head when I made that promise, but it is one reason I am glad I didn’t follow through with that at the time. Having a child who has the same head (it is flat on the top with two corners. If we ever cross paths in real life, remind me of this post and I’ll let you feel it so you can see what I mean) has reinforced for me the fact that shaving my head would not be a good idea, but I digress. Continue reading

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