My Note for the US Border Official

By Jac

My husband is driving across the US border tomorrow, where he will go to the Bellingham airport and fly to visit his family and meet his new niece in New Mexico (which is a state, not a country. You’d be surprised how often people get confused by this difference). But don’t worry about me: he’s taking two of the kids with him! This is good because this summer has been long and we’re not even close to the end yet. Here’s the note I wrote for him to show at the border (I added their names after I took the picture), in case he’s asked for proof that he can take the kids with him:



Have fun, half my family! I’ll miss you … after a few days.

In other blog news, Juli and I don’t feel like we need to apologize when we don’t post as often as we’d like to, considering that this is a hobby and we want it to be fun and not stressful. However, we don’t mind explaining that we are both a little bogged down by summer events for the next few weeks, and that’s the reason for the breaks between posts. Juli is at some kind of valuable-but-exhausting family camp where there is limited internet access, and I am planning a Kids Camp at my church that is taking up a lot of my brain power. So things are good, but writing time is scarce. We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming soon. Thanks for sticking around, friends! 

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2 thoughts on “My Note for the US Border Official

    1. Jac Post author

      YES! Water spitting is the ultimate compliment! I’m so delighted. Thanks for the encouragement!


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