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A Not-Bad Morning

By Juli

Now that the school year is in full swing, I’ve been thinking about the way we start the weekday around my house. Today, for example, was a day that did not start especially well. It was picture day (of course), so my first task was to attempt to coax my youngest child into some adorable clothes while she declared mightily that she did NOT want to go to Kindergarten, except okay, actually she did want to go. Then I spent half an hour following her around with a hairbrush trying to convince her to let me put pigtails in her hair for picture day, so that we might remember these days as we wish they were, instead of how they actually are (I’m lucky if my child allows a brush to run through her hair once, let alone some kind of “do”). She tolerates having her hair brushed, but she despises having her hair put up in any fashion. She prefers to look like a ragamuffin child that nobody cares about — it is an angle that works for her, as I think it makes people take pity on her and give her treats.  Continue reading

Five Ways Present Me is Horrible to Future Me

It’s #FiveOnFriday time! Check out our post, of course, and also some of the other Canadian bloggers linked below!

Well, as is true for every person in the world, there are really two versions of Jac, and two versions of Juli. There are our future selves, and our present selves. It is the job of Present Juli to look after Future Juli, because Future Juli has to live with the choices Present Juli makes, and the same goes for Jac, and for everyone in the world except little kids whose parents are in charge of their future selves. Lucky kids. Because, unfortunately, our Present selves tend to be, well, selfish jerks. Here are five examples. Continue reading

Top Toddler Tip for Staying Up Late

By Jac Baby N

I wanted to write another post on mommy’s blog today because it has been a while! Hi everybody! Today I want to write a message just for all the other toddlers out there and no one else, mostly because I am a bit mad at Mommy. She won’t let me ride on her back like a horsie all day, she says she needs to take a turn brushing my teeth even when I won’t open my mouth, and when I am trying to put a puzzle piece in by MYSELF, she says I’ve got it upside down and tries to help me, but I don’t want her to help me and the puzzle piece WON’T GO IN SO HELP ME NO DON’T HELP ME. One time when I was screaming and trying to shove the stool across the kitchen so I could climb into the cookie cupboard, I even overheard my Mommy tell another kid’s Mommy that the “terrible twos” actually started earlier than two. I have a response to that hurtful comment, Mommy: “GIVE ME THE COOKIE!” Continue reading

The Curse Of The Low FODMAP Diet, and How I’m Gonna Get Through 6 Weeks of It

By Juli

Recently my doctor put me on a special diet called the “Low FODMAP” diet, to resolve some stomach irritation problems I have been having for a while. You know those health issues that are minor to moderate that you never go to get checked out or at least not enough to get them resolved because you are a parent and responsible for the lives of small people who are constantly trying to kill themselves, so their health requires your full attention on a consistent basis? Yes — that’s the reason you haven’t gone to get those things checked out — you and me both. But eventually the annoyance of my stomach hurting pretty much every night drove me to my doctor’s office, and like a good doctor should, he sent me for blood work and put me on a restrictive diet to see if that would do anything. And I have been on this diet for a little over a week now, so of course I am already an expert on it. And in my “expert” opinion, it stinks. Continue reading

Five Best Items on the Menu At McDonald’s (#FiveOnFriday)

There are a lot of cooking and recipe blogs out there, and for good reason. We are realizing that if we started to write about kitchen hacks and food advice, we would definitely get more traffic to our blog because that’s the stuff the people search for on google. However, we want this blog to accurately reflect who we are, and a post about the clever and healthy ways we feed our families would not be honest because, well, we hate having to feed our families. (This is unfortunate because our families seem to want to eat every day!) Instead, we thought we’d use today’s Five On Friday post to help you in a way that is more accurate to who we really are: fast food advice! Here is our list of the best things to order at McDonald’s. (This is not a sponsored post, but when it goes viral we’re hoping McD’s gives us money anyway.) Continue reading

Too Cute

By Jac

One of the best things about toddlers and preschoolers is that they are so adorable when they get words all mixed up. There are always certain things that I hope my kids never learn to say properly because it’s so cute when they say them wrong. I remember trying to trick my oldest into thinking “packpack” was the correct pronunciation until Dora and her friend the Backpack undermined my awesome parenting. Anyway, our current family favourite is that R says “too” instead of “so.” Or sometimes “too” means “very,” apparently. She just says “too” a lot, and it’s adorable. So here are some frequently heard phrases, as well as some pictures of the goofy kid who says them. Continue reading

Asking For Help

By Juli

Something I’ve always been terrible at is asking for help. From little things to big things, it’s always been a challenge for me.

As I reflect upon it, I think I have realized that somewhere inside me I believe it is bad to even ask. I don’t know where this comes from. Perhaps it is the emphasis our culture places on being self-sufficient. Maybe it’s because I’ve always heard other people around me, especially women, ladle apologies on and around their requests, as if to say; “I’m so sorry to ask … I’m even sorry that you have to be in the presence of someone so PATHETIC … but would you mind feeding my cat this weekend while I’m away? I’m so sorry! You’re probably busy! If you can’t it’s no problem at ALL! Ahhhhhh!” Continue reading

Ice Cream School

By Jac

This is a story about how really believing in something can make it happen. Or at least it can when you are a three-year-old whose mom doesn’t want to break your goofy little heart.

A few months before my oldest daughter went to preschool for the first time, our family talked about preschool quite a bit. G was excited, and we knew that talking about it regularly and positively would make the transition easier. One day, her younger sister (who had just had her third birthday) said, “When she goes to preschool, I go to Ice Cream School!” We all laughed, and said things like, “Oh really? That sounds fun!” I don’t think anyone actually said, “No, honey. You are not going to Ice Cream School because that is not real.” I guess we kind of assumed she knew that. Continue reading

Five Clever Ways to Use Children to Your Own Advantage (Five on Friday)

Welcome back to Five on Friday! We spend a lot of time discussing how having kids makes your life a lot more difficult (even though we love them a lot anyway), so we thought we’d dedicate this Five On Friday to the awesome little ways we use our children to our own great advantage.

1. A fridge full of cheese sticks. You know, for the kids’ lunches. Just like the pudding and the chocolate milk. Continue reading

The Blog Breakfast That Almost Never Was

By Juli

Thanks to a fun contest we had back in the spring, Jac and I got the awesome opportunity to go out for breakfast with a couple of our blog fans, and then by the end of breakfast, we became huge fans of them! Because it is difficult to coordinate four busy moms who all actually have other lives to attend to, we didn’t end up meeting for breakfast until months and months after the contest ended. To be specific, we met last Saturday morning. It was a cool cloudy day when we all convened at Cora’s restaurant in Langley, BC. for some huge fruity breakfasts. Here are some fun things that happened on that lovely morning. Continue reading

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