Five Clever Ways to Use Children to Your Own Advantage (Five on Friday)

Welcome back to Five on Friday! We spend a lot of time discussing how having kids makes your life a lot more difficult (even though we love them a lot anyway), so we thought we’d dedicate this Five On Friday to the awesome little ways we use our children to our own great advantage.

1. A fridge full of cheese sticks. You know, for the kids’ lunches. Just like the pudding and the chocolate milk.


2. Picking up your perfectly content toddler and taking her toy away as soon as you realize the person on the other end of the phone call you just answered is trying to sell you something.

3. Taking your child to wander around outside at thanksgiving dinner when the toasts start. You know how long your family can go on, and your “toddler” is going to get pretty restless. Shucks.

4. Waking your sleeping baby when you finally get to the front of the line at the border so the border guard takes pity on you and lets you through quickly, without even asking about your fruit. Or how much wine you bought at the duty free. (TwoFunMoms does not officially endorse withholding information at the border.)

5. Grabbing extra dessert at the buffet table. For your kids.

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