Five Ways Present Me is Horrible to Future Me

It’s #FiveOnFriday time! Check out our post, of course, and also some of the other Canadian bloggers linked below!

Well, as is true for every person in the world, there are really two versions of Jac, and two versions of Juli. There are our future selves, and our present selves. It is the job of Present Juli to look after Future Juli, because Future Juli has to live with the choices Present Juli makes, and the same goes for Jac, and for everyone in the world except little kids whose parents are in charge of their future selves. Lucky kids. Because, unfortunately, our Present selves tend to be, well, selfish jerks. Here are five examples.

1. Present Juli: “I think I will need to eat this whole chocolate cake now, because in the future WHO KNOWS what could happen, and then I will wish I had eaten that chocolate cake when I had the chance.”
Future Juli: “Whyyyyyyyyy?”

2. Present Jac: “Crap. I didn’t make lunches yet and I’m really really tired and wanna go to bed now. Whatever. I’ll make them in the morning.”
Future Jac: “Ack! School mornings are so crazy, and I haven’t even finished the stupid lunches yet. Sorry, children! Brush your own hair today, and just wear shoes with no socks, it’s fine, hurry up!”

3. Present Jac and Present Juli: “Just one more episode. It’s late but one more won’t kill me.”
Future Jac and Future Juli: “I’m dead now. Where’s the coffee?”

4. Present Jac: “It’s not too late for coffee. It will be fine! It’s cold outside, I stayed up too late last night, coffee is delicious, and I’m sitting down for once and want to enjoy the break. It’s only 4:00; this won’t possibly be a problem.”
Future Jac: “Why am I still awake at 1 am when I’ve been laying in bed for two hours? Weird.”

5. Present Juli: “Sign up to run 5K? Why not?! It’s good exercise!”
Future Juli: *wheeze* “WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?”


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