Ice Cream School

By Jac

This is a story about how really believing in something can make it happen. Or at least it can when you are a three-year-old whose mom doesn’t want to break your goofy little heart.

A few months before my oldest daughter went to preschool for the first time, our family talked about preschool quite a bit. G was excited, and we knew that talking about it regularly and positively would make the transition easier. One day, her younger sister (who had just had her third birthday) said, “When she goes to preschool, I go to Ice Cream School!” We all laughed, and said things like, “Oh really? That sounds fun!” I don’t think anyone actually said, “No, honey. You are not going to Ice Cream School because that is not real.” I guess we kind of assumed she knew that.

However, as the weeks went on, she continued to mention Ice Cream School whenever we talked about preschool, and she was adding more and more detail about where it was and what it was going to be like. Specifically, it was going to be at the coffee shop by our house that we would occasionally walk to that also sold Gelato, and what you would do there would be eat ice cream. To be honest, it sounded kind of great, so it’s no wonder she was excited about it.

I realized, eventually, that she had definitely convinced herself that Ice Cream School was really happening. “When she goes to preschool, I go to Ice Cream School!” was her regular refrain.

So what was I to do? It was going to be hard enough for her to miss out on preschool when her only-slightly-older sister gets to go and she doesn’t; can you imagine how she would feel if she was told that she didn’t get to go to Ice Cream School either? So I took her to Ice Cream School.


After we dropped G off at her first day of actual preschool, E and I (and Baby R was there too, I suppose) went to the dollar store for a brand new colouring book of her choice, and then we went to Ice Cream School, which apparently is a place where you eat Ice Cream and colour. Also — and this was my addition to the curriculum; one that I emphasized often and clearly — Ice Cream School is the kind of school that only happens for one day. One memorable, hilarious, delicious day that reminds us all that dreams do come true for those of us who are stubborn and delusional enough to believe in them. 

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2 thoughts on “Ice Cream School

  1. Holly

    I love, love, LOVE this! Good for you for making your daughter’s dream come true 🙂 My two-year-old misses her brother terribly while he’s at kindergarten – maybe I should try some sort of “Ice Cream School” for her, too …


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