The Blog Breakfast That Almost Never Was

By Juli

Thanks to a fun contest we had back in the spring, Jac and I got the awesome opportunity to go out for breakfast with a couple of our blog fans, and then by the end of breakfast, we became huge fans of them! Because it is difficult to coordinate four busy moms who all actually have other lives to attend to, we didn’t end up meeting for breakfast until months and months after the contest ended. To be specific, we met last Saturday morning. It was a cool cloudy day when we all convened at Cora’s restaurant in Langley, BC. for some huge fruity breakfasts. Here are some fun things that happened on that lovely morning.

  • I, Juli, pointed out that I would not be ordering coffee as I am a coffee snob, and do not like the coffee they serve in most breakfast establishments. Jac made fun of me, and then proceeded to not enjoy the coffee that she had just been served, which, she had to admit, was not the best. She had three cups anyway.
  • Heather shared with us how her blog-writing is going, and why she has now started a second blog — a food and DIY-based blog. Jac and I felt in the presence of greatness, as here is someone who is serious about her blogging and also knows enough about cooking to write about it, and apparently that is where the big bucks are. Jac and I silently lamented our non-existent cooking skills.
  • Teresa shared about life as a mom of an only child, and Jac and I listened with rapt attention, because as much as we like to imagine that having an only must be easier, Teresa learned us good about how easy they are not, because you have to actually PLAY with them, and you don’t have another child to send in to do that task for you. This sounded quite difficult to Jac and I, and it was silent for a moment as Jac sipped her terrible coffee and I sipped my delicious cold water.
  • I, Juli, ordered a giant fruit crepe full of strawberries and custard and topped with whipped cream. And I ate the whole thing. When our tiny waitress observed my empty plate she could not contain her surprise. “Did she eat that all by herself!??” She exclaimed to my fellow breakfast patrons, apparently not contemplating how much such a statement would make me feel like a hippopotamus. And then she continued. “Wow! Most people can’t finish that! That’s impressive! Are you sure no one helped her??!” And on it went, and on and on. This really happened. It was pretty unbelievable. Thankfully, it made for a good laugh after she left and everyone else reassured me that I am not a hippopotamus and that it was a big burrito but most of it was FRUIT so it didn’t count.
  • Jac shared with us about how Teresa is, in fact, her cousin, and they talked a bit about being Dutch, and then Heather talked about how she is also Dutch and I, Juli, felt very un-Dutch in that moment.
  • We took a picture of the food, as you do, and then took a selfie of ourselves that turned out kind of terribly. Well, some of us look good, but some of us look crazy, and I think I’ll let you figure out who the crazy-looking ones are (hint — one of them is me). But, really, has there ever been a picture of four no-longer-teenaged women in which everyone looks good and/or is happy with how they look? No, there has not.

From Left: Juli, Jac, Teresa and Heather

  • We finished our food but continued to sit and drink bad coffee and chat and laugh and get to know each other almost longer than it is polite to do when you know there are people waiting for a table. But it was so fun to relax and chat with friends, new and old, in a restaurant without any of our children. So we didn’t want to leave.
  • But we did leave, ending the morning with hugs and goodbyes. Jac and I really did have a very nice time, and I think we gained a greater appreciation for how funny and fun our readers are, and how easily we could all be friends.
  • Don’t you all wish you had entered our contest? Next time you will. And it will be awesome.
  • Thanks Teresa and Heather!
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3 thoughts on “The Blog Breakfast That Almost Never Was

  1. KayBee

    I always enjoy your well-written blogs! And I didn’t see any hippos or crazy people. Those were some fine looking pictures, and fine looking ladies! Cheers to you both!

  2. Heather

    Don’t feel too bad, I am also not Dutch – I can just pretend really well because of my clearly-dutch married surname. It also remains to be seen if there are big bucks in the second blog , stay tuned. Thanks for the awesome breakfast, we have to do it again soon!


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