Too Cute

By Jac

One of the best things about toddlers and preschoolers is that they are so adorable when they get words all mixed up. There are always certain things that I hope my kids never learn to say properly because it’s so cute when they say them wrong. I remember trying to trick my oldest into thinking “packpack” was the correct pronunciation until Dora and her friend the Backpack undermined my awesome parenting. Anyway, our current family favourite is that R says “too” instead of “so.” Or sometimes “too” means “very,” apparently. She just says “too” a lot, and it’s adorable. So here are some frequently heard phrases, as well as some pictures of the goofy kid who says them.

“I too hungry.” 



“I too happy.”



“I too funny.”



“I too wet.” (Can YOU spot the offending wet spot?)



“I too stuck.”



“I too wrinkly.”IMG_8037


“I too beautiful.”


On second thought, she may be getting that last one exactly right. 

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2 thoughts on “Too Cute

  1. Chris

    Too cute (see what I did there?)!
    I love this post because it’s exactly how I am, not wanting them to learn the correct way to speak, haha! My eldest used “too” in a similar fashion. My favourite was to ask, usually when pouring cereal into his bowl, “how much would you like?” To which he would excitedly reply “too much!” Or if I just gave him something without asking sometimes he would cry tragically because “I want too much!” (I obviously give skimpy portions…).

    1. Jac Post author

      And he outgrew this adorable habit, I suppose? Darn. Glad to hear I’m not the only one who doesn’t correct the adorable mistakes!


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