Five (+Five) Kids Costumes that need NO PLANNING

Halloween is tomorrow. So basically, if you don’t have a costume for your child yet, you are totally hooped. Just kidding! Halloween is easy.

Here are five ideas Jac came up with in fifteen minutes, requiring zero trips to the store.

1. GHOST: Sheet over the head. Eye holes cut out. DONE.

2. FARMER: A pair of overalls (pants, shorts, dress … whatever) with a farm animal stuffy of any kind — sheep, cow, pig, chicken, duck, giraffe. Really, who cares? Giraffe farmers are adorable.

3. ZOOKEEPER: Safety-pin all your child’s stuffies to your child’s clothes.

4. GROWN-UP: Dress your child in a grown-up (boring) outfit, and then let them choose accessories from your personal collection. Ideas here include a purse, some pearls, a belt (use an elastic to make it fit), a scarf … a tie, a briefcase, a belt, an iPhone.

5. BAKER: This only works if you already own an apron. If you DO, put a rolling pin in the apron’s pockets, or the kid’s pockets, or the kid’s hands or whatever. DONE.

And here are Juli’s Five ideas for you:

1. WIZARD: Take a snuggie from the pile of snuggies that you own, put it on your child, put a belt around his waist, and find a stick in the backyard for a “staff.” Then just quickly steal a traffic cone and spray paint it the same colour as the snuggie and put it on your child’s head. Cutest wizard in the ‘hood!

2. SHEPHERD: Using another of your many snuggies, this time applied backwards, put it on your child and put a tie around her waist with a piece of rope. Take a dish towel, put it on her head, and tie it on with another piece of rope. This costume pairs nicely with the sheep costume (see below).

3. SHEEP: Give child a caramel apple to eat. Sprinkle cotton balls on a small area of the floor. When your child is finished, pick her up and roll her around in the cotton balls. Apply a black dot to her nose with a washable marker.

4. BOX O’ FUN: Cut a hole in a large box and put it over your child’s head.

5. GRUMPY NEIGHBOUR: Put your child in a sweater vest, corduroy pants, a button-down shirt and a pair of bifocals. Have him mutter under his breath about the state of the lawns in the neighbourhood, wonder about who is parking in his parking spot and the fact that his newspaper is always left out in the rain. This costume goes over especially well for those not Trick-or-Treating in their own neighbourhood.

So there you have it — our helpful and easy costume ideas. You’re welcome!

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4 thoughts on “Five (+Five) Kids Costumes that need NO PLANNING

  1. DeBalino

    Seriously. This was THE perfect post for me today. I’m slightly panicking at the clock ticking and we are still pretty much scratching our heads!!! I am eyeing the zookeeper idea because we are definitely not lacking in stuffies around the house. Ha!!! Love this post! You gals are hilarious. And quite brilliant, may I add… Xx

    1. Jac Post author

      Thanks Camie! I like those, too, because we have way too many stuffies and it’s nice to think they MAY have a use one of these days!

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