Five things that happened in five minutes

By Jac

For today’s #FiveOnFriday, here’s a list of five things that happened yesterday, in just five minutes.

1) This conversation. Only, it happened three times, once with each child and then again with them together:
Me: Do you want to colour with those markers? You can only colour on the paper.
Them: YES.
Me: Where do you colour:
Them: On the paper.
Me: Do you colour on the walls?
Them: NO
Me: Do you colour on your body?
Them: NO
Them: On the paper.
Me: Right. Only on the paper or NO MORE MARKERS. Right?
Them: No more markers.
Me: Okay. Sit down, here you go. Only colour on the ….
Them: Paper!

2) I went to the bathroom.

3) This:

4) Also this:
5) The markers got taken away of course, by an angry Mommy. And there was some interrogation about who actually did the wall art (shockingly, it was both of them). Then I made them clean it up, which they thought was pretty fun. So, you know, I’m sure they learned their lesson. I know I sure did: don’t take your time in the bathroom.

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