To the Good-Enough Moms of this World

By Juli

**Back in the early 70s there was a psychoanalyst and paediatrician named D.W. Winnicott whose research enabled him to develop the concept of the “Good-enough parent.” His position, according to research, was that all that children needed to grow into healthy, functioning individuals was at least one parent who is “good enough” — basically one parent who is devoted to the child and provides at least the essentials for the child to grow and develop. This is a concept that keeps me going on the days I fall short of perfection as a mother (so … every day). And so, for myself and all of you other good-enough mothers out there, I have written this poem, Please enjoy, and keep on keeping’ on.**¬†

This is an ode to the good-enough mom
The mom who works hard even when nothing gets done,
Whose dinner consisted of toast and KD,
But your kids got fed, mom. That’s good enough for me.

The mom whose children’s baby books have only one page complete,
Because she chose instead to put up her sore feet,
And who COULD dust her house, maybe vacuum a bit,
But parenting’s hard, mom, and today you just sit.

To the mom who makes lunches with pre-packaged crap,
Who will bribe kids with candy so they’ll just take a nap,
The one who yelled at her kid because the day had been tough,
But we humans get angry, mom. You’re still good enough.

To the mom who forgot that one time to pick kids up from school,
And whose child has screamed at her; “I hate you! You’re cruel!”
Who waited up to yell at a curfew-breaking teen,
You were scared he wouldn’t come home, mom, it’s not that you’re mean.

To the moms who say “sorry” when they make a mistake,
So kids see even moms need to fix what they break.
Who know how to hug, either giving or taking,
and who know how to love even when their heart’s breaking,

So to the good-enough mom, for whom perfection’s too tough,
To the still-here mom, who’s never given up,
It’s hard to be mom when you’d rather be friend,
Aim for good enough, mom, be a GEM to the end.

good-enough mom 

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