Two Fun Moms on Instagram!

Alternate title: How Jac convinces Juli to do things.

Here’s what you need to know before you enjoy this glimpse into our Facebook Messenger conversations. 1) Jac has been on Instagram for a while and kind of loves it. 2) Juli is not on Instagram, but she chats on Facebook all the time and is an expert at conjuring perfect gifs, instantly. 

Jac: Hey. I stole your picture from yesterday’s post and put it on Instagram. You don’t want me to tag you, do you? Or do you? You should start an Instagram account already, called onefunjuli. It’s fun over there and then we could interact with each other and it would be great!

Juli: Hi! You can tag me. I should start an account. I will get Spence to show me how. The only issue is I will probably never post anything.

Jac: No. You will. You will post one picture a day because you will consider it an extremely important challenge. So everyday at 11pm you will say to yourself, “crap!” and post a picture of your own feet or your wine glass or your half-eaten donut. It will be hilarious. Besides, I can’t tag you if you don’t have an account.

Juli: Lol. Oh donuts …

Jac: Oh no! I forgot about how you can’t have donuts! I didn’t mean to rub it in. Also, you don’t need Spence for Instagram. Every old lady in the world is on Instagram.

Juli: Not THIS old lady. I am very limited in my technologies.

Jac: Juli. You are the gif queen. You can handle Instagram.


Jac: Search for the app. Install it. Sign up. The end.


Jac: Okay? But pleasepleaseplease name yourself onefunjuli. And make your account public (and then just don’t post things you don’t want the universe to see).

Juli: Sigh. Okay.

Jac: Really? Yaaaaay! And we can make this conversation a blog post announcing how everyone should follow us on Insta. It’ll be awesome.

Juli: Will it?

Jac: I wish I had a dancing gif to show how happy I am.


11114145_735806493231078_800599777_n Jac: YAAAAAAY!


Jac: Yes. Those will do nicely. Thank you very much.

Juli: You’re welcome.

Jac: I love both of those tv shows, even. You know me so well.




Jac: Hey. So, seriously, when you get around to this, feel free to basically copy my profile info if you want to. The description and so on. Are you regretting your reluctant agreement? Be honest.

Juli: Nope. I’m just still trying to set it up.

Jac: Oh. Well, great! Welcome to the dark side.


Jac: You’re on Instagram! My notifications just told me. I also see that you went with onefunjuli, just like I begged you to! Thanks! But you have no other name or information …

Juli: Shoot. This is why I need Spence.

Jac: You can easily do it. I have faith in you!

Juli: Trying to do it. So confused.

Jac: Really? Shoot. Sorry! You’re so pretty!


Juli: I think I finally did it. Now look. Did I do it all?

Jac: You did, you wonderful genius blog buddy, you. And you already have 6 followers! Congrats!


Jac: Ha. Love it. Thanks, Dumbledore. Welcome to Instagram!


Jac: Whoops. Yep. On it.

(Find us on Instagram, blog reader friends! And then comment on our stuff so we can get to know more people. People are awesome, and we like them. Jac: onefunjac, and Juli, finally: onefunjuli). 

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