Five Post-Bedtime Shoulds and Shouldn’ts

Every night after the kids go to bed, parents of small children are faced with a very big decision, one that we did not realize would be so important to us before we had children: what we are going to do with the few short short hours we get to ourselves before we fall into bed ourselves. Here are five of our nightly decisions.

1. Thing I should do: Fold the giant pile of laundry on the couch.
Thing I will do instead: Fold this giant donut so it will fit in my mouth while I lie on top of the pile of laundry on the couch.

2. Thing I should do: Focus on writing a blog post about the hilarious thing my child did today.
Thing I will do instead: Focus on the hilarious rerun of Friends I am watching while I try to forget about the horrible thing my child did today.

3. Thing I should do: Make school lunches for tomorrow
Thing I will do instead: Eat the last granola bar so when I’m scrambling to make lunches in the morning, there are no granola bars left.

4. Thing I should do: Sit-up routine
Thing I will do instead: Sit up and reach for the remote.

5. Thing I should do: Tell my husband I appreciate him, and then go do the dishes.
Thing I will do instead: Tell my husband I appreciate him and then, “Go do the dishes.”

TwoFunMoms Relax

What we are doing, while thinking up all the things that we should be doing.


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