Five things my kids fought about today

Some days, our kids do lots of fighting with each other. Here are five things they fought about today.

Jac’s kids:

1. Who gets to open the door.

2. Who gets to turn on the TV.

3. Who gets to violently slam the door.

4. Who gets to turn off the TV.

5. One of them was screaming and crying because she wanted to wear a diaper and I wouldn’t let her because she’s definitely potty trained. The other one was screaming because she didn’t want to wear a diaper but I was making her because she’s definitely not potty trained. Then they both stopped worrying about their respective diaper issues because they both saw and wanted the metal lunchbox with Tinkerbell on the front and started fighting over that instead.


Juli’s kids:

1. Who gets to put their feet on a certain square inch of the footstool during Super Why.

2. Who gets to be the first to tell me about what happened during recess.

3. Who gets to be the first to touch the front door when we get home from school.

4. Who gets to be the first to wash their hands before dinner.

5. Because we surprised Daddy by making him breakfast and they both wanted to hide and jump out and yell surprise when Daddy came downstairs, but one of them committed the cardinal sin of jumping out a millisecond before the other. The good news is that Daddy was, indeed, surprised.


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