Five things that went wrong on family swim night

By Jac

1. My brother and sister-in-law and their six-month-old baby are visiting this week, and my sister-in-law thought it would be fun to take the kids all swimming together. However, our baby cousin had been fighting a cold all day and had been pretty crabby about napping, so when she fell asleep five minutes before we were ready to leave, my sister-in-law had to stay home, even though whole thing had been her idea.

2. We got to the pool and had to park really far away because it was busy. As we piled out of our very crowded mini-van, we realized that we had forgotten our kids’ coats and one of them had no shoes on … and it was absolutely freezing outside. Also, and this is important: I was accidentally wearing my slippers.

3. We walked the long way to the front doors, only to discover that the pool actually did not have public swimming right then. We realized later that I had been looking at the wrong public pool schedule on the district-wide website when I’d check earlier that day. Instead, we got there right at the beginning of that day’s only two-hour time slot where there was no public swimming. So we had to pile everyone back into the van and drive to a different public pool, 15 minutes away.

4. When we got to the change room of pool number two and started to organize and distribute bathing suits, I suddenly realized I had forgotten mine at home.

My family in the hot tub. Without me. (Yes, one of my kids is wearing a wetsuit. She wanted to, and that's a good enough reason.)

My family in the hot tub. Without me. (Yes, one of my kids is wearing a wetsuit. She wanted to, and that’s a good enough reason.)

5. Relegated to the side of the pool with all the other swim-hating parents (even though I am not one of those), I had nothing to entertain me except watching my kids swim with my husband and my brother-in-law. And, hallelujah, my phone. So I took at bunch of pictures and I instagrammed one, and then texted some to my in-laws, and text-chatted with them for a while … but then I remembered about how my kids may be looking at me, checking to see if I’m watching them or not. And what if when they look at me, they see me staring at my phone, and what if that makes them assume I don’t even love them as much as I love my phone? What if that happens? So I put my phone down — even though watching people swim when you yourself forgot your swimsuit is pretty annoying — and I waited for my kids to look at me so I could smile encouragingly or wave or wink or give a thumbs up. But then — and here’s the part where I tell you what went wrong — none of them looked at me. Ever. They just swam and played and laughed, and no one even glanced at the person who gave birth to them and has made basically all their meals since, including the one waiting for them in a picnic bag for them to eat in the van on the way home. I watched for 20 minutes straight, and not one of my four children glanced my way. They were still pretty funny to watch, though. And then I picked up my phone again.

We got home, tired and ready for bed, and that darn baby cousin had hardly even slept.


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3 thoughts on “Five things that went wrong on family swim night

  1. David

    This post reminded me of the time that I took Madeline to the pool and put her bathing suit on backwards so she had a wedgie and her top was showing. I did not realize until the lifeguard came over and told me how cute my daughter was for dressing herself. (I neglected to mention the fact that I did the dressing). Also, when we were done swimming and in the change room I realized that I had not brought towels. We had to both dry off using my hoodie, which was insufficient. Oh yeah. It was winter and my car was in the back of the parking lot. So that was pretty fun.

    1. Jac Post author

      Well, that made me giggle. In your defense, girls bathing suits are very confusing. But you also forgot to bring towels, and that is hard to defend (said the woman in the slippers).


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