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The Diaper Years: Will I Miss Even This?

By Jac

The extended-family gathering is in full swing, and as usual, it is noisy. Everyone is laughing, talking, eating, mingling. My two-year-old is in full swing as well. As in, swinging from the kitchen cupboard doors. I’m trying to have a conversation with a cousin I haven’t seen in a while, but my toddler interrupts to ask for more candy, and then juice, and then more crackers, and then please more candy. She spills half the juice and leaves a very sticky chocolate on an upholstered kitchen chair, all while I try to continue to chat. Finally, she runs off to see what the other kids are up to, giving me three minutes to pretend I’ve been paying attention to what my cousin has been saying.

Then from the other room comes the indignant scream that almost certainly means my kid has stolen a toy from another kid. I sigh and grit my teeth and try to keep smiling Continue reading

Five Random Little Things That are Making Us Happy This Christmas

By Jac

There are a lot of things we could say about Christmas, and why it means a lot to us, and how it reminds us that there is light and hope in the darkness, and how it can be so hard for people who are lonely or grieving, and what it means to believe in that miraculous baby in that dirty manger … but this time, we are going to focus on a few of the smaller things that are making us happy this season. Like candy canes.

1. (Juli) Can all of mine be rum? Continue reading

Five Things My Daughter Wants to be When she grows up

By Juli

For today’s Five on Friday, here are five things that my 5-year-old daughter wants to be when she grows up, for today anyway. These will likely be different tomorrow.

Not long ago, for example, Spider-Man was a permanent fixture on the list.

Not long ago, for example, Spider-Man was a permanent fixture on the list.

1. A ballerina teacher. So she can teach Ballerinas the art of the type of “ballet” she does that has nothing to do with actual ballet.

2. A rock star. So she can be loud Continue reading

My Best Exercise Secret

By Juli

Exercise and I have always had a dubious relationship. I like to get things done once and then never have to do them again, which makes exercise an extremely tedious and repetitive chore for me. However, annoyingly, the “exercise people” (the people who keep telling us all to do exercise) are right. It’s not just for looking good in a bikini anymore. Now that we’re old it’s so we won’t die early. So there’s a less fun and more necessary reason to start exercising.

A few years ago, when I started doing Yoga, I just leapt right into it, as I do with each exercise fad I get into. Continue reading

Stay-at-home-parents do nothing all day … and that’s why it’s so hard

By Jac

I became a parent almost eight years ago, and I’ve been a stay-at-home parent for much of that time. I kept working part time for a while, and I worked from home as a copy editor or writer, but I definitely considered myself a stay-at-home-parent for several years. I’ve heard it described as the “hardest job there is” or “the most important job in the world,” and I do not at all disagree with that sentiment. But I don’t love to hear my parenting gig described as a “job.” This is mostly because I wish it were more like a job. For me, it’s so much harder because it isn’t. I only know my own experience, and for me the hardest part of staying home with my kids is that it so often requires that I do nothing all day. Continue reading

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