Christmas Juggling

By Jac

I am a juggler
An expert at my craft
With many balls in the air
I’m in control of it all
They spin with precision


But now the balls are Christmas ornaments
There are more of them
And they break easily
I keep dropping the balls
The Christmas juggling balls

Christmas party at daycare: forgot the money for pizza
Christmas craft in Grade Two: kept forgetting to buy a lightbulb
Christmas gift for cousin: in the mail too late
Christmas staff party: didn’t schedule a sitter

Christmas movies to watch,
Christmas books to read,
Christmas crafts to make,
Christmas presents to buy,
Christmas pictures to take,
Christmas stockings to stuff,
Christmas cookies to bake,
Christmas parties to plan,
Christmas Santas to visit,
Christmas balls in the air.

For now

But by December 25
The balls will all be dropped
Or maybe caught
Or hanging perfectly on the tree
And the Christmas juggling will be over.

Then the ball will be a brand new one,
Wrapped and under the tree
Waiting for my daughter to unwrap
Smiling, she will hand it to me
And ask, “Mommy, please will you juggle?” 

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